Bob Holt's article of T&F this am is a good read

our ladies set a school record in the DMR, which is impressive. also the 3rd fastest DMR in NCAA history. very impressive.
But Okie light was 2nd place, ahead of Oregon, and they were about 20 SECONDS after us! wow, that is sooo impressive. the girls basically had to run alone, lapping other athletes, for the final 3 legs.
It is easy to take Lance Harter for granted, but he really is our 2nd most successful coach on the hill ever, isn’t he? John McDonnel is the king, but has anyone else won more Natty’s than Harter?


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Link to the article:

It was amazing. The Arkansas anchor lapped several in the field.

Nolan has one natty. Frank has one that is unofficial. Chris Bucknam has one. The rest are McDonnell and Harter. (We have 46 official nattys, plus one in football, and two were taken away in the Lance Brauman mess)

You get three chances a year for national championships in track. So judge it how you want. A national championship is a national championship. I think Nolan’s accomplishments are amazing. Two championship games and three Final Fours. That may be hard to beat. 3 SWC tournament titles, 3 SWC overall titles, 2 SEC overall titles, 1 SEC tournament title. What Lance and John accomplished pretty incredible.


Marty and others,

How do you see all these Gym. & Track and others all you guys talk about?
Do you attend all of these sports or on Hogs+ (whatever its called)

Marty goes to gymnastics and track meets in person when they don’t conflict with baseball :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m 1100 miles away so I watch on SECN or ESPN+.


Today I’m at track. I was going to the baseball scrimmage, but it’s a scrimmage. Wright was here earlier, but he left to go to basketball.

I’ll go to the baseball scrimmage tomorrow.

Here is Bob’s recap of Day 2:

There was a very nice Georgia fan sitting in front of me. (His son won the 200 on Friday.) When Owens had that incredible 1000 to overtake the UGA athlete, I told him that I was impressed because of the UGA tradition in muti-sport events. He was quite complimentary.
BTW, his son is only a sophomore. Matthew Boling ran a 20.27 to win that 200.

Boling is from Houston (how Jawja got him away from TAM and others I have no idea; it’s not like Georgia has the mega-tradition in track).

Swine you continue to call the 1964 NC unofficial. I am aware that it wasn’t a UPI or API recognized NC but the College Football Writers Association of America,FWAA, recognized a national championship after the bowls were over and Arkansas was crowned a NC with the Grantland Rice trophy at that time and it is my understanding it was recognized as legitimate at that time. After that year the UPI and API and FWAA decided to wait until after the bowl season to crown a NC moving forward. Clay can you verify if the 1964 NC was unofficial? Depends on your interpretation Swine I guess.

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Clay, the NCAA conducts championships in a wide variety of sports for both men and women.

Do you know what is not on that list, and never has been, and never will be?

FBS football.

Thus any championship in that sport, particularly in the pre-BCS/CFP era, is unofficial. Which is reflected in the NCAA list of national champions in all sports. Alabama is credited with 10 official NCAA titles in all sports. They claim 15 titles in football alone, which as you will note is greater than 10. What does that mean? All 15 of Bummer’s FB titles are unofficial.

Furthermore, neither one of the major polls, then and now, named the Hogs the 1964 NC. AP and UPI (coaches, now USA Today) list Alabama as the 1964 national champions. At best, we can claim a share of the '64 title; we got FWAA, Notre Dame was the NC named by the National Football Foundation.

Jeff has always been unofficial. That much has been clear. He does stuff like that to torment. I get it.

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I’m not tormenting (this time). I’m being accurate. 1964 is not an official NC, or even a consensus NC. We got one of the four major versions. Were we the only 11-0 team? Yes, without a doubt. Would we have been the consensus NC in other seasons? Yup. But not in 1964.

Typical Bama luck: AP went to a post-bowl poll in 1965 after what happened to us. Entering the bowls, Sparty was #1, we were #2, Nebraska was #3, Bama was #4. We lost to LSU in the Cotton Bowl. UCLA beat Sparty in the Rose Bowl, and Bama beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. So after keeping the 64 NC after a bowl loss, Bama jumped from #4 to #1 after the 1965 bowl games. We wound up third behind MSU.

You go Jeff. If that is your position, I feel for you. Not me.

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