Bob Holt vindicated? Check out Macon's tweet

Sounds like he is gone

What does it say? Don’t do twitter.

He thanks the coaching staff and fans for supporting him with his life long dream of being a Razorback. Looks like a well thought out good bye I’m going pro letter, be he doesn’t actually say he is leaving.

Dang it, we can’t catch a break on trying to build a team (OK, last year we did).

Why can’t Razorback fans catch a break?

Silver lining is by doing it now it gives us a better shot at going after Crawford or someone else.

I just deleted my post, I was saying he was just doing that for attention. Looks like he really is gone. Horrible decision if his goal is to go to the NBA. I doubt he even gets an invite to workout for anyone, he just isn’t on NBA scouts radar right now. Regardless, hope for the best for him always hope people accomplish their goals, but at the same time I gotta call a spade a spade, and he had much more to gain returning.

edit: looks like i’m not the only one deleting. Razorback nation deleted that tweet and article they put up. Looks like they possibly got it wrong?

Well if you read the statement he doesn’t say he is for sure going. If he was why wouldn’t he have already signed with an agent?

One thing is he is good enough to make a living overseas and start earning cash now. Could take the Pat Beverly route of paying his dues overseas before catching on in the NBA (although that is the exception and not the rule).

Hopefully he is just building up the drama like you first thought.

Would Macon be on the NBA’s radar next year? If Macon wants to play basketball for a living, what does he gain by playing one more year and not be financially compensated? His draft stock won’t improve by another year at Arkansas

Wow, idk if one more year at Arkansas makes him good enough for NBA but for a kid who talked and talked about being from here and wanting to build the program, this doesn’t fit but he’s gotta do what he thinks is best. Don’t want him back if he isn’t all in, he seems like his attitude could get away from the team.

I don’t know this for a fact, but with one more season he could parlay another good season into higher profile overseas contract. The best league used to be the Spanish league, but I’m not sure what the best league is now.

I see him and Barford averaging into the high teens next year. With a big season he would at least be on the radar of making into a training camp/and or the D-league.

He has a lot of talent and I wouldn’t put it past him to make like Pargo and Beverly. I think another year of tape in a tough conference would be beneficial. There is room for improvement in his game in terms of facilitation and defense.

Yea, if he know’s he’s going for sure no reason not to sign with an agent. And this would be a different situation than Beverly. Beverly was actually a legit draft prospect and he got drafted by Heat in second round. He went overseas after he got drafted and came back over. Teams were still keeping an eye out for him. Macon on the other hand according to anybody that does mock drafts/rankings/scouting reports is not even among the top 100 prospects on most draft sites he doesn’t even have a profile or any mention of him. He should have every incentive to come back and get a bigger name for himself and at least give himself a shot at getting drafted if his goal is to play in the NBA.

And I wish I wouldn’t have deleted my post now, because I believe what I was saying will end up happening. Macon has now deleted that thank you tweet. I was shocked that CMA and staff approved of him posting that and getting fan based riled up. Looks like they may not have. And again, just from watching Macon in press conferences and listening to him, the kid loves some attention. I knew when we heard the whole “no comment” thing we were in for a little drama. My guess is it’s not close to being over. He’ll milk this “testing the waters” thing for all it’s worth.

I actually didn’t see his tweet, I saw CJ Jones retweet it. Caught me off guard because I follow Daryl.

You didn’t see what he said? It was a thank you message like most players post when they are leaving. Thanked the fans, coaching staff, and doing all that and said no matter what happens he’ll always be a hog. I never seen anyone do that after announcing they are entertaining w/o an agent. Everybody waits until they’ve made a final decision before doing anything like that. It would be the equivalent of us sending our boss a 2 week notice and thanking them for the opportunity after hearing we would get an interview with another company, without waiting to see if we got the job or even if we wanted to leave the company for sure.

FWIW, I don’t take his tweet as “gone”. Keywords in his tweet are “no matte or what happens”.

However, the worrisome coincidence is his tweet coming close to the time Markel Crawford said that Hogs reached out to him.

Tweet has been deleted. I would assume staff told him to take it down.

No, I didn’t see him tweet it, I saw CJ retweet it. Don’t know why it didn’t post on my timeline but CJ’s retweet did. Yes I saw what it said, I’m the one that wrote about it on the 1st page of this thread.

It is easy to see any talented, young athelete wanting to realize “fame and fortune” at the next level…but there is that ole reality check that needs to be brought back into focus. These young athletes need input from NBA mentors (Portis, Williamson, Kleine, Miller etc) about the real road ahead. I dare say historically that not many more than 30-40 prime time athletes make an NBA roster yearly. Most all of these young men are given a ticket home by the final roster cut date each fall. It’s heartbreaking to watch their hopes and dreams crushed year after year after year.

So, it should be part of the mentoring process to these men to steer them toward long term success in life.

Daryl, you would benefit yourself to work on your game, get numerous SEC player of the week mentions, win a SEC Championship, shine in a Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight or Final Four next year…then be “The Man” in the top 30 that don’t get a ticket for home in the fall of 2018. You deserve the best, but first you must become the best. WPS

If everyone on the roster went by that logic we wouldn’t have a basketball team, because no one on the team right now is a legit NBA prospect at the moment and most will never be, and if you’re a high major college basketball player, you can find a league to play in overseas. For example Willy Kouassi and Keaton Miles are both playing professionally overseas right now, and they averaged like a combined 4 PPG last year. Kikko played professionally overseas and he was a walk-on.

For Macon, coming back to school, being the face of the program, being a first team all-sec player, going deep into the tournament, and averaging 16+ PPG is a lot easier to market and negotiate a contract for rather than 13 PPG, a first weekend exit, no awards, and hardly anyone outside of Arkansas knowing who you are. Not only would it be a difference in money, but could be the difference between what league he can get into. There’s tons of different leagues overseas. Most want to play in Spain, Greece, Italy, and China those places have some of the better leagues with better pay/living situations.

Truth be told, Macon is an “Undersized 2-Guard” by NBA standards. Though he is not and likely never will be a true point guard, with experience he can become a better “Initiator of an Offense.”

Doesn’t he need an agent to get that done?