Bob holt presser

I know how he likes to ask 10 times as many questions as anyone else and usually just nonsense so maybe someone can convince him to ask coach when we might see left lane hammer down? Or is that in the % of the offense that we still haven’t implemented?

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This is literally the first time I’ve seen anyone say something negative about Bob Holt.

So at least your original…I guess?

Oh good lord. He does ask 10 more questions than anyone else and most of them are redundant. I watch every press conference. Stop being so righteous. I just want him to ask one more. If anyone can pull it off it’s him.

Hard to do that when your defense gives up as many yards as ours.

What question are you wanting him to ask? Why we aren’t going “left lane hammer down?”

Because I feel like that’s asked in various ways every single time we lose. Which is a lot. I watch them all too.

Are you Bob? Why do you care so much? The question has not been asked. Be direct. Don’t beat around the question. “Coach, you said left lane hammer down when you got here. When do you think we will see it?” That’s the question. Not this or that. That question right there.

Just trying to understand.

I don’t know what you think that would accomplish what whatev. :man_shrugging:t2:

His response would tell me a lot. That’s what I’m interested in. His response.

Bob asks the most questions because he is expected to write the most stories. He has two stories in every Sunday newspaper and one Monday, and the quotes for those stories come that one postgame opportunity.

As for the question you want asked, it has been asked many times this year. There is probably a variation of it every Monday, which is when more big picture questions are asked. It isn’t asked just as you say, of course. If Morris is asked that question that way, he won’t give a very good response. Part of being a savvy reporter is knowing your subject and how to get the best answers from them. If you want any context from Morris about his offense, you won’t ask that question that way.

But if you want to make thehuntinhog happy you do! :roll_eyes:

This is where we differ. I’m not interested in being savvy. I’m asking him to answer his own words and see how he handles it. That’s what to report on. Bob asks these savvy questions every weekend and we get the same answers. Ask my question. You’ll get more than and answer. You’ll get a story. Do it!

You’re consistent. You don’t know any more about journalism than you do about coaching football, but you’re not afraid to tell others who are professionals how to do their jobs.

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Interesting premises you have you there.

Bob is as classy and as good a guy as there is.

As Matt says, he and others have asked that question in a variety of different ways.

I’ve concluded Morris’ offense must be more complicated than Vulcan calculus. So, so hard to learn!

CCM should be smart enough to adjust to the players! He also failed to ask the pointed question he was asked about the QB’s moving forward!
I like Bob and his articles. From past interviews players like him as well.
CCM should don’t respond about possible changes to the staff!
The questions he was asked were pretty straight forward. CCM seemed a little mad of course he should be. It’s about time for him to stop giving the same answers.
We will come in tomorrow and look at it!
We will try to get better!