Bob Holt on Musselman and staff coaching in polos

Bob did a good job with this story. There are some funny quotes in here, too. Bob called Thursday night and asked if I could help him find out how many different polos Arkansas’ staff wore this season. So for the next hour, we searched our photo archives and looked at YouTube videos trying to make sure we had each game covered:

Fun story! Points for CEM.


Another gem of a story. I love these types of background stories.


Scottie, the article mentions that the polos were provided by the University. Did the University provide suits to the previous coaching staffs? Or is there a clothing allowance given to the coaches and each staff decides how to spend it?

If the University provided suits to the previous staffs, the school is saving a lot of money by providing polos to this staff. 17 polos got to be cheaper than 4 to 5 suits.

Coaches buy their own suits. I spoke to an assistant once who talked about purchasing his suits off the rack, searching for a good deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of assistants had a rotation of about three or four suits. The games are basically the only times they wear suits for work.

I am not a fan of the golf shirts or polos. I like the Mike Anderson look…he always looked really good in his clothes. He was a sharp dresser, for the most part, excluding that red sport coat he wore a time or two. I like the little fella, though. He is a heckuva coach, and I am glad he is ours.

I don’t care if the coaches wear tank tops as long as the W’s keep mounting. If Muss and Staff are comfortable in polos so be it.

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I miss Nolan’s pooka dot shirts and cowboy boots.

Most of all I miss his trips to the dance!

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