Bob Holt on 10 coaches to watch … -20171126/

Would love Chad Morris, been my top pick for awhile now. He’s A&M’s if they want him but they may try for a bigger fish initially, ala Jimbo Fisher.

Morris knows the state of Texas maybe better than any legit candidate out there. He’s bided his time, while making a bunch of contacts and gaining valuable experience with Dabo at Clemson. Took a dead SMU program and has rebuilt from scratch, improving their record each season while doing it with almost exclusively Texas kids.

Venables makes some sense also. Our defense needs something to stop the bleeding of several years.

Don’t care for Chad Morris he has losing record at SMU in a very weak conference. Norvell is one heck of a lot better!

If Venables would come I think that would get the fans excited!


Of those mentioned I like in no particular order, Malzahn, Norvell, Sumlin, Brown, and Venables. Morris wants the A & M job if it comes open and he may be good but he doesn’t impress me, neither does Skip Holtz just not SEC material. Holgorsen isn’t going to leave WVA and Mike Leach is in a pass happy Pac-12 and would be a disaster in the SEC. The rest are all good candidates.

i mentioned this a few times but what about Greg Shaino?

He may be to Big Ten but he is a tough coach and a good Def coach

Apparently Mistake is now in the looking for a coach market.

Leach. Gross.

Its going to be brutal with all the openings and they are not done yet.
TAM, ARZ will be next

i bet art briles would come

Yeah right!

Taking SMU from winless to winning record in 3 years is mighty impressive.

This is something we agree on. I want no part of Leach. I want no part of Kiffin either. Too much drama.

Absolutely not on Leach!
No to the SMU coach. He has a losing record in an awful conference. In my opinion he needs a few more years of good winning football to prove himself.

I think Gus is out of the picture now.

I like Veneables because he has proven he can coach defense and he is experienced in big games.

Next I like Norvell. He’s young and hungry. MY question is whether or not he can surround himself with good solid assisstants.

I agree with you about Norvell, I believe there is a lot of unknowns when it comes to him, especially the assistants part.

As for Venebles, can he turn around and rebuild an entire program? Not just a defense.

As for Bob’s 10 Coaches.- My opinion

Leach - No, overrated, attitude problem, baggage, and there is divisiveness within the fanbase about him.

Gus - NO, maybe a better coach than others listed, but the divisiveness across the fanbase won’t be good, especially if it takes him at least three years to rebuild.

Norvell - Interesting - my concerns are the same that Bob listed. However, I haven’t seen the divisiveness I’ve seen in the first two, I see the lack of experience discussed and no one really saying, “NO”

Morris - No, I think he needs at least another year or two at SMU to see if he can “build the program.” The 3-9 in a weak conference worries me.

Sumlin - No, couldn’t do it at aTm with a much better recruiting base and players.

Kiffin - No, see Leach and Gus

Brown - Again Interesting, I would actually consider him over Norvell, because his style of play is closer to Bret’s than to Norevell’s. It may cut down on the “rebuilding” time

Holtz - No, just not impressed by him

Holgerson - No, same as Holtz

Venables - Another Interesting candidate, but again, a lack of HC experience worries me.

Why aren’t we seriously considering Charlie Strong. He’s a defensive guy with NC experience. He’s from Arkansas. Not to mention he can recruit both Texas and Florida. If you retort with the whole thing that happened at Texas, just remember that he inherited one of the worst dumpster fires of recent memory. Which box does this guy not check??

Anyone who is the head coach at the Univ. of Texas can “recruit” Texas. Doesn’t mean that he can now. Also, he failed miserably at Texas with all the resources in the world. Hell, even BRett handled this guy pretty easily. You guys got to stop falling in love with coaches just cause they are from Arkansas. I bet you he considers himself more Floridian than Arkansan.