why do i have to select a forum twice to go to it??

Same has been happening to me. Not sure what’s going on there.

Same here

I have asked our developers to look into it.

What does it do the first time you click on the forum? Also what browser and version are you using?

When at the board index, I click on the recruiting board, and it returns to the board index. Does not happen after that first time until I come back to the board at a later time.

Log in issue?

I’m on safari.

Same for me and i use Mozilla

I am using Chrome and no issues.

I see what’s happening. When clicking on a topic while not logged in you’re taken back to the forums homepage instead of the topic you originally clicked. We’ll work on this.

It would also be very convenient if the “Jump to” drop down button were placed on the top not just on the bottom of pages.

This happens to me when on my iPhone. It logs me out when I am away for very long (more than an hour or so), and then when I click to enter a board it refreshes and logs me back in. Then I have to click the board link again to get where I was trying to go. The problem seems to be more so with the system logging me out then it is with the refresh/relog.

As long as you are resolving issues, which is a nice treat to board members, tell me what I can do to not have to log in every time I change cell tower locations on my iPhone. Is it my phone or some way you’ve set up the board?

Just looking for resolution …

been trying for weeks to get “back”

feel like flippin Dorothy

this is my first effort at posting . have no idea how i actually got logged on just now.
have no idea who i will be posting as

here goes nothing