Board quirk I've noticed

Related to posting times. No big deal, just interesting. For example, Richard just posted something about football recruit visits. The time of post shows as 11 a.m. When I saw the post my computer, phone, etc., showed 11:56 a.m. Eastern. I know the post times are in Central, but that’s still four minutes behind the listed time of post.

I’ve long ago given up on trying to ascertain from the stated times when something was actually posted.

Been like that for a few weeks at least. In Feb it was about a min off. Post something at 11 and my iPhone said 10:59. Now, it seems to be about four minutes off.

Case and point, this said I posted it at 12:10, my iPad says 12:06

I’ve noticed the same thing. This post is shown as 4 minutes ahead of the actual time.

So its the future!!!

But both posters knew ahead of time that they were going to post it. I’ve had a suspicion for some time that both of these guys knew stuff ahead of time that was going to happen.