Board Question

Is anybody else having to answer survey questions in order to read linked articles?

Yes, but it’s been random. It’s been just a couple of questions.


Yes I am!!

Yes. This board is complete joke. I’ve been a member since the inception of the first magazine.

I feel lucky this time, at least it let me into the premium board.

This product is simply unacceptable.

It should not ask subscribers to answer the survey. Only time that happens is if you are not logged in. If you leave and when return you are not logged in, then that may happen. The answer is to log in.

I am logged in. To read the stories on the main page it either asks me to log in or I must answer a survey. I read your post Clay but I am logged in. There is a glitch


    Yes. I am only able to access the forum boards. Every time I try to read an article I get slammed with a WHS register/login popup which won’t go away. If I try to access a story from a board, I get hit with a survey question followed by the WHS register request. I called in Friday AM and still no joy. Incredibly frustrating. It’s been this way since last Thursday.


    Hi everyone. We’re incredibly dependent on the address you used to register for online access matching completely with your subscription’s address. Unfortunately there are two different records for this and if they don’t match precisely then we run into issues like this.

    If you’re having access issues and are a subscriber then customer service should be able to help you by verifying your address matches in both the online access area and the subscription address.

    If you’d like feel free to PM me your full name, address and phone number and I’ll help as I can as well.

    Sorry for any confusion and we appreciate your patience.