Board of Trustees

Have we ever found out who did the secret investigation of the athletic program that prompted the dismissal of Jeff Long? Or was it that he was not going to fire the football coach? Or games in Little Rock? Nothing ever confirmed? Help me understand we are paying two men over ten million dollars not to work?

Tommy Boyer

Smoke and mirrors. Broyles cronies got their feelings hurt and set sights on Jeff Long. Bad stretch of football created the opportunity for them. The so-called plan is still a mystery.

If this is the Boyer rebellion as someone called it? Who is he? Goggle didn’t say much? Will we ever hear the reasoning? Or is it ego?

Tommy Boyer was a basketball star for the Hogs in the early '60s. After graduation, he was in sales for Kodak for many years, then built a Kodak-related business in Amarillo, Texas, and became quite wealthy. After retirement, he moved back to NWA full time and was appointed to the BOT in April.

Well, do we know what the “secret investigation” revealed? This seems highly questionable. Seems to me that if the results of such investigation were really negative as to Long, there would not have been a contract pay out.

One can see his statue inside the south entrance of BWA