Board of Trustees is meeting next week

A few interesting things in the agenda for the meeting next Wednesday and Thursday.

First, the minutes of the last meeting showed a few things of note, including approval of salaries for a lot of coaches and athletic officials, including BB. He is listed as making $4.6 million. MA is making $3 million. I was not aware they’d bumped BB up to $4.6 million. That will buy a lot of kibbles and bits for those Yorkies.

Second, there is a request by the state Highway Department for an easement along Razorback Road. Is this the long-awaited widening of the road? Hard to tell from the description.

If you want to plow through it and see if I missed anything, here 'tis.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Agenda.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

And I can’t find it specified in the agenda, but Arkansas Times says BOT will also be voting on the bond issue for the stadium expansion.

As I understand it, those salaries are the maximum potential they can make after incentives and before any personal services agreements with the Razorback Foundation during the school year.

So for Bielema, that breaks down like this:

  • $3.45 million base if he stays on staff after Jan. 1, 2017
  • $250,000 retention payment for remaining on staff from the previous term
  • $700,000 max bonuses for on-field achievements (national championship, SEC championship, coach of the year)
  • $200,000 max bonuses for APR and GSR

That equals $4.6 million. That does not take into account the $500,000 stipend he receives from the Razorback Foundation for speaking at Razorback clubs.

His max total compensation could actually be $5.1 million.

OK. That’s a lot of incentives though. IIRC, the only on-field incentive he hit last year was making a bowl game, which I think was $50K. We’d have to run the table to get him to $5.1 million.

That is correct. But that’s what they’re voting on during the summer - what is the max we may have to pay him in the next year?

True, but right now we’re undefeated. :smiley:

That we are, Counselor, that we are :smiley:

Cleveland’s curse dating back to 1964 has ended. Why not ours?