Board meeting today

The UA trustees have called a special meeting via teleconference this morning at 11.

The board is expected to go into executive session almost immediately. We have reporters at teleconference locations in Fayetteville and Little Rock, and will attempt to speak with board members when the meeting concludes. Obviously our reporters will be able to listen to any portions of the meeting that is not in executive session.

on finding out what’s going on!

Couple reporters are saying it’s AD related.

That would make sense. Supposedly Gragg interviewed yesterday. Either they liked him, or they finished their interviews and are ready to make a recommendation.

The results of the meeting will come out with a hire of an AD that’s my guess.
I would hope there’s some discussion about a HC too.

I am sure there will be in the executive session. Outside of that? Nothing will be said unless they announce a hiring (which I don’t think will happen)

I do, I think this is to approve the AD and Coach. I think they know who both are. They’ll announce the AD tonight or tomorrow and the new coach Wednesday.

If not, I’m worried.

Maybe they want to fire someone else? It’s been over a week. :smiley:


Executive sessions aren’t open to the public and are allowed under Arkansas law only for the consideration of “employment, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining, or resignation of any public officer or employee.”

Can you answer, saw someone say that if they decide to hire someone they have to have an “open” vote after the executive meeting to affirm. Is that correct?

If a formal vote was taken in executive session, then it should be public record.

Yes, the vote must be retaken in public (if there was action taken, if motion was made and failed to pass, nothing has to be said in public). The discussion does not have to be revealed (and rarely is) but the vote has to be retaken. People don’t have to vote the same way in public they voted in private. Say the vote passed 6-4 in private, they can revote in public and vote 10-0. It never has to be disclosed that the original vote was 6-4.

“Steinmetz on standby in office if needed”. This sounds familiar. Hope he is updating his resume.

Steinmetz has a great resume. I bet it will fly just the way it is. He is a brilliant person.

There was no action taken during today’s board meeting, which lasted more than 2 1/2 hours in executive session.

If they have approved a candidate for AD, wouldn’t they wait on an announcement before holding the public vote… or making the vote public?

Correct me if I’m wrong Matt, but there was also no action taken during the last meeting and Steinmetz fired Long the next week. So…it doesn’t really mean anything.

That is correct.