Board Kinda Dead

What’s the deal? I’m a hold-over from Scout. Apathy or is this new site just not working out?

BTW - Analysis is great. Love getting reports from JCarter as well as the old Hawg’s Illustrated staff. But forum is lacking.

The admins are letting negative crap over load the board. I have heard from a few other active posters that are tired of posters with agendas and ready to cancel their subscription. I may do the same thing.

Sun came up and I went deer hunting. Most of the posts said the same things.

As a moderator, if they give me the word to clear out the negative stuff, I can go nuclear on it real quick. But I haven’t been given that word.

Dead is not how I would describe this board today – unless you’re skipping over all the griping, moaning and fire-somebody-now posts. Then this board is crickets.

Interesting - ready to go nuclear on “negative” posters. Any thoughts of going nuclear on “positive” posters who appear to be deluded in the face of two historic back to back collapses, 56-3, etc.?

How many of those are there? Is anyone threatening to leave the board because of too much positivity?

There are several posters on here that think things are going well and all that’s needed is patience and everything will be fine and dandy at some point in the future.

As for threatening to leave because of negativity that’s silly and akin to a child threatening to pick up his/her toys and leave if they don’t get their way. I read all the Razorback boards. If they leave where will they go? This is the least “negative” board there is. To expect all rainbows, unicorns, and candy canes after the two biggest back to back collapses in Razorback history is asking a bit much. Truthfully, I think threatening to quit is a bullying attempt to persuade moderators such as yourself to stifle opinions they don’t agree with.

How and when did you become a “moderator” this is about the 6th time I’ve seen you refer yourself to “being a moderator” none of the other moderators ever tell people there in that position. As for the negative the last 2 games should allow people to vent however they please…let em rip just like the Hogs got ripped the last 2 2nd halves

Why is it negative to post the obvious. Our FB team stinks. I pay dues and my opinion is shared by many

You do realize that if the admins deleted every post expressing an agenda there would be very few posts to read, if any.

Your connotation of the word agenda indicates, to me at least, that you think it’s meaning is somehow negative. Certainly not true.

You and others like you need to find a better word for expressing your angst toward perceived negative posters.

Everybody has an agenda, at least on sports boards.

I want everyone to be able to share their opinion on here. If something is out of line it will be deleted.

As I said in another thread:

As a moderator, I just cannot tell you how much fun it is to come here and read all of those posts.

The thing is, no one is going to be deleted or banned for expressing a dark, pessimistic vision. When the Hogs win, a couple of things happen. The “darksiders” stay quiet and there are fewer posts. But such is the way of message boards.


Yes, the darksiders are hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce. Just think what it must be like to work for or with them.
Or even worse married to and living with them. Grrrrrrr!!!

Yes, the darksiders are hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce. Just think what it must be like to work for or with them.
Or even worse married to and living with them. Grrrrrrr!!!

Being a so called “darksider” on a Razorback sports board has nothing to do with one’s interaction with family and friends.

I absolutely disliked Houston Nutt, did not like his recruiting, coaching or excuses as to why he was unsuccessful. He could never accept that he was the HC and responsible for EVERY thing associated with the program. And still do not like Nutt. Very much a darksider.

Learned to dislike Pitrino once Tyler Wilson became the starter. But liked coaching results. Have no problem now with his dismissal, but knew at the time of his release what would happen to our program, which even now has not recovered.

Never, ever thought Bielema was the coach we needed. Still not convinced he can recruit the athletes needed to run his pro-set, power running game offense. Not a solid darksider but moving that way.

Now, having said that, I generally wake up in a good mood everyday and have a wonderful relationship with my family, friends, and work mates.

And I strongly feel that is the situation with most “darksiders” who are not happy with the apparent condition of OUR Razorback football program.

Where are these posters that think everything is going well? On the Alabama board?

The only thing anybody should go nuclear on is on posters who attack each other.

We say don’t do that and some still can’t resist going middle school on each other.

Be it a poster or an admin, none of us should be condescending to others.

Your opinion, my opinion, his opinion, her opinion - none of them are right, they are just opinions.

For anyone to act like their opinion is the only one that matters is pure arrogance.

Good post Dudley - to clarify there are several here that think a Bielema is definitely the guy for the job and the biggest thing needed is patience on the part of fans to give him time needed to start winning. One even said after the VTU game he’d sign him to a 15 year deal if he could. That’s who I’m referring to.

To say that you would sign him to a 15-year deal after the last two games - man, that’s out there to me.

But I bet even that guy believes something has to change

I still think he is the man for the job, but my confidence is wavering for sure. Regardless of how much I like him and what he is doing, the simple fact is wins matter. If he has an embarrassing season next year, then it is time to move on. And that would make me very sad.


Because I think this year was an aberration. We were on an upward trajectory coming into this year.
I think with the improved defensive play next season, specifically safety and linebacker, along with an improved offensive line, we will be successful.

I really like Coach B and I have faith in him. I really want him to succeed. However, that faith developed some serious fractures this year and if we are unable to compete next year, then I would be in agreement that it is time to move on.

Just my opinion and I realize it is at odds with a large number of people.