Board has more articles but less participation.............

…and I am not sure that I understand why. I don’t think there are fewer board members, but they just don’t seem to be posting as much. Is this new format less encouraging of member participation? Are the large number of articles prominently displayed across the top making us more observers and readers and lesser posters? I used to look for certain posters who I knew usually had interesting or intelligent things to say. Now, they are hard to find. I only see the initial post topic and who posted last. I have to open a post and scroll down past people I don’t care about to find people who I know give good posts. I would look at the outline tree of the original post and each follow up and the ones that generated a lot of response, see each and every poster name, see Clay or Dudley etc. had commented or responded to comments and I would dive into that conversation, confident that I would find interesting stuff. Can I get that format back on this board? Let’s see if this post generates anything.

I agree Hog! I don’t post much, but like you, I have certain posters I look for and now find them much more difficult to locate.

Do you use the “new posts” link at the top of the forums page? That’s what I hit first when I log on to the forums. It will have all the new posts and you can see who has posted them and what board they were posted on. I found that easier to find a certain poster(s) than going to 3 or 4 different boards.

If you are talking about today, I’m sure it is light because many posters cannot get to the forums because of technical issues. I cannot get to the forums using firefox or chrome. The only way I can get into the forums is with the Microsoft Edge browser with Windows 10.

Yeah, I couldn’t log in at all yesterday.

Today, could get in but couldn’t get to forums. I cleared my cookies and it worked.

99% of our questions are being answered in articles before we can even ask them…it’s wonderful…lol

I agree. I miss a lot of the back & forth we saw on the old board. Fans/posters generally can’t give us the info the writers do, but I still like reading peoples’ thoughts & questions. Not sure why, but it certainly there’s less participation.

I’m not sure I like having so many forums. Basketball/recruiting/football/baseball. I know we had almost as many on the old board, but I think I’d prefer seeing some consolidation. Not a lot of basketball or recruiting talk right now. What there is can be in one spot. Just my personal preference.

i may be in the minority…but i actually liked the old site better.i find it harder to follow the posts;there seems to be more repeat of whats in the paper;and less participation as stated above.won’t leave cause i love the magazine but really disappointed in the merger…just my 2 cents worth(never been a computer wizard so thats probably some of it too)

I think the thread view allowed everyone to see who has posted and go to it easier. The thread view is almost impossible to build out for mobile use. That style of board is not being produced by the script writers that produce the forums. It once was the easiest to build. Not with the different kind of mobile platforms. Not sure why, but I now understand to be true.

We do have much more content. But if there are questions and discussions here, everyone is ready to join in. I do see VERY heavy traffic on the recruiting board. And, the overall traffic and posts is higher than what we had at Scout. These forums are being used and used a lot.

So the answer is “we can’t have the thread view anymore because it doesn’t work well on mobile devices?” That is a shame. I have a harder time on this board finding posts or responses to posts I am interested in. I also have noticed that posts of mine, that usually generate a lot of comments, go un-responded to for a long time and then it is mostly the moderators responding. I am always interested in the moderators’ opinions and knowledge but I miss the intelligent comments from many fellow board members. The quality of the other members of this board is a very big reason I come here and they aren’t commenting anymore. That is a significant loss for me to this new board format. If this was Hogville, I wouldn’t miss the numerous foaming at the mouth attack comments from their gang. This board is full of high class intelligent fans with lots of knowledge. That is a big reason I come here.

I like the increase in the number of moderators and the frequent articles but that is cancelled out by the lower quality of the board interaction. Is there no way to fix this?

Well thanks Hogmo for those flattering comments about posters you enjoy so much. It wasn’t long ago that Clay gave that same explanation regarding “mobile” features versus the more popular “classic” thread view. I had asked board members to let Clay know their druthers, similar to the conclusion you came to.

If this board is customer driven, then we all need to let him know classic view is more precious to us than those mobile features.

If we could do it, we would. We can’t. I’ve asked. I am the one the techs listen to the most and they know I have the customers at heart. If they could, they would. The issue is extremely complex. The thread view won’t work in the complex system that must be used on today’s websites. Doesn’t have anything to do with not thinking you guys like it. Heck, I like it better. But they tell me it can’t be done. It has to do with merging all of the things you have on these websites now, not just the forums and the different entry points, different databases, different devices being used. For every device, every software, a new script must be written. The more script written, the more chances for breaks and outages and it’s almost a constant battle. If you were just writing them for an iPhone, you could probably do it. If you were just writing them for android, you could do it. If you were just writing for one version of a PC, you could do it. But all of those systems are constantly being updated, changed. And, then you add the different systems (for stories, for forums, for video). We are close to getting the logins from different databases perfect. It’s been a tough process and very time consuming. The real problem is that no company that sells the forums to add to these systems would have to write the initial script for the thread view. None do it anymore. None. I’ve met with the team that builds this stuff for us. They are good. Right now, the login issues are the number one focus.

Mobile users certainly appear to be driving this horseless carriage, so to speak.

Personally like the “classic view” of the Scout board much better than the current format.

I was in the ADG office last week talking with several of the techs. (They were working to get me logged in on my iPhone.) It was mentioned in passing that the thread view was simply not going to happen. They had to use a board format as a basis for these forums, since reinventing the wheel was not reasonable. And adding a thread view to what exists is not possible.

Y’all can dislike it, and I understand, but it just isn’t going to happen. Try some of the cool new functions that are offered and you might find that this format is not as bad as you thought at first. I like the New Posts and the Unread Posts options. I find that by looking at the name of the board in those options gives a nice way to review what you have not yet read.

Count me as one that loves the new forum format. Only access for me is mobile, either iPhone or iPad.

I sympathize with those that have to learn the new format, but also want moderators to hear from those that are pleased.

I agree, the articles from the writers are enjoyable but participation on the board is terrible. I’ve almost completely stopped looking for threads on this forum and only reading the articles scrolling across the top page.

I’ve started spending more time on Trey Biddy’s page because there is more poster driven activity and commentary.

I used to consider HI the “adult conversation” board in that it was lacking most of the juvenile antics of the other sites, but this forum is dying in my opinion .

Folks, if you want more participation, start posting more. Give your thoughts. Ask more questions. That’s how participation grows.

Clay, Dudley, Richard, Jimmy and I are all on here quite a bit giving our thoughts and waiting to answer the questions you all have.

Not much insider info, a non member can access 80% of the content here.

I hear you, Clay. Thread view is only possible for a certain set of parameters. Those parameters do not mesh with the bells and whistles of the new board, such as vastly greater ability to post videos. Who the heck cares about videos. I NEVER use the videos! Period. But I want thread view. What other bells and whistles do we now have that sacrifices our beloved thread view? And Matt, please don’t mention that we now have more articles. That does not equate and has nothing to do with bells and whistles vs thread view. Clay now has ownership of his forum and he is now producing more articles. And we love this. Wonderful! I can’t say enough about Matt’s, Dud’s, Jimmy’s, and Clay’s increased, more thorough articles (sorry if I left some folks off–not intentional). And people that come out in support of the new board by saying they love the new articles are not really adding to the discussion of the thread view issue.

Clay, have you ever seen on the old board the word “terrible” from one of your customers? Not good. Peruse some of the other discussion on the new board regarding thread view and see if you see folks that say they will quit the board if thread view does not come about. I’m shocked that they would leave us, but they did say that–more than once.

I had thread view once on my iPhone and Jan’s iPad, so I know it’s possible. I wasn’t pleased with how many buttons I had to push to arrive at thread view on my phone, but I’d get there. And, I did not have that problem on my home pc. I want thread view on my home pc! Don’t confuse me with the complexities of getting there because to tell me it cannot be done is ignoring the fact that just a month ago we had it–on our mobile devices.

Once again, I wish you would have a poll to see what the other folks want. I’m pretty sure you yourself hate to see comments that “this board is dead” or that “where’s all the discussion I used to enjoy and where’s all those guys that used to post every night?”

I certainly enjoy the articles. It’s great getting to see the information the Hogsports staff is generating. This is an All-Star team. But, they generate so much info, they are dominating the message board.

I suggest an easy fix. Add a third category to each board. Currently there is “Announcements” and “Topics”. All the Hogsports stories end up in “Topics” and any thread started by a poster gets buried real quick.

Create a new category for the Hogsports stories. Allow folks to comment, as usual. Those could roll through at a designated time frame.

The “Topics” (it could be renamed) could be reserved for threads started by members. I miss that.

Just my opinion, but right now, it ain’t as much fun.

Another cause to this issue, sometimes there is quite a bit of discussion in the comments below the articles that previously would’ve been posted on the board instead. Is there anyway to merge the two, so that the comments below articles show as posts?