Board format

It’s let me say we’re getting a lot of info which is very good. The only thing is it seems to be hard to keep track. Only thing I miss is classic view when it worked at scout. Is there any thought to redesigning board to something close to the classic view? And all the ads, is there any way to peruse board without having to see so many ads. Yeah I know needed evil, but sure would be nice to at least have less of them. Thx in advance

Use NEW POSTS and UNREAD POSTS above and you can stay current with little effort.

As for the ads, I use two ad blockers. On my browser (Firefox) I use Adblock Plus. On my iPhone I use Purify.

Not a single ad on this board with adblock plus. Which is even less than the old board, where the three at the top of the board always made it thru. I do miss seeing each post listed, though. I don’t like opening a post I already read just to find out someone posted a thumbs up icon.

That is because the three at the top of the old boards were sold by HI and put up there by me. :sunglasses: They were not delivered by one of the ad servers.

Thread view is being discussed by techs. It’s difficult to set up for mobile phone use. Almost impossible. Writing script for it is tough and it breaks often. I don’t want down time but we are testing it. If we can make it work without down time, it may be tried. We are at least working on it