Board back up?

I assume the board’s been down about 5 hours? Been trying off and on most of the day. Looks like the last post was about 5 1/2 hours ago.

There was a server issue that was completely out of the control of our technicians. It did not affect the front page or any of our stories, but took the board down for a while. Fortunately everything is resolved now.

I blame Ole Miss! Let’s get ready to put some hate on the Webals.

Probably these guys: … nVgxKq8RPc

Someone sent me the link to that podcast today. Quite the takes beginning around 31 minutes.

Who are these clowns? They have no respect for our program.

I blame Amazon for the outage. And, I’d be partly right. Actually, it’s the most complicated issue I’ve ever been told. Matt explained it to me. Really, nothing we could do except sit and wait for a fix to happen. We didn’t cause the problem and we couldn’t really fix it. Never heard such a tale in my life. Right, Matt? The Russians didn’t do it. Ole Miss didn’t do it. But might as well say it was an Ole Miss fan with ties to Russia. Not really. But it’s as good as what really happened.

:lol: I’m saving that pic for later use.

That’s a wilderness trail for Ole Miss.


Love it.

I heard it had something to do with the elevators at the Auburn football stadium …

Take the stairs if you are at Auburn. Trust me.