Bo Show

Well I am sort of missing it

Is the loss of Bo Show another symptom of a failing Razorback program?

Remember the days when you wanted all the information possible about the program because of all the positive energy about Razorback football and sports?

I miss those days when we knew in every game the Arkansas Razorbacks could win

Have the players changed too - do today’s players seem emotionally soft compaired to a Lloyd Phillips or Quinn Grovey?

I know a lot of people on here don’t like Chuck B, but I still miss his show. He generally knew what was going on. It wasn’t a “caller driven show” (short hand for I do no show prep, but let calls call in and give their opinion on things).

Having been on both shows, they went about things differently.

But both had great personalities to carry the show and also mostly had great info.

In my year off between undergrad and Dental school, I used to listen to Bos show on the way home from work. While I didn’t always agree with Bo, and didn’t always like his tone or how he said things, I did grow towards liking the show. I couldn’t stand Eddie from Clarksville, or the guy from Stuttgart who would take 15 minutes of air time to blast his betting line predictions. But, overall I really did like the show toward the end of my time listening to it.

I wasn’t able to listen to it anymore as of July of last year. Ive missed it a lot since then.

…I even miss hearing Eddie from Clarksville… in a strange way. That guy took passionate to a different level.

But, I will say, I listened to Bos new podcast, The Hog Pod, yesterday, episode 4 and I really liked it a lot. I think he’s onto something good with the podcast. Its a lot more personal with coaches and other figures which I like a lot. I don’t care to hear all the fans opinions, which sometimes were great, and sometimes…annoying.

Overall i do miss the show, even if Bo is from Florida.

After doing radio for 24 years, I am not missing it. I do not listen to any of the shows now so I could not comment on them. I did do my first podcast with Bo this week. Will come out next week. Did it in one 45 minute take. No breaks. Loved that. Much better than sitting there for 3 hours. Got my life back, maybe.

Found The Hog Pod and listened to last weeks, was enjoyable and informative…be looking for it every week.

I’ll have to listen to the pod cast

I’m happy you got your life back Clay

Be assured your time was not waisted

Many listened to the show because of you and Mike Irwin

DD too

It was a joy to listen too you folks

Being an Arkansas expatriate I really enjoyed what you three had to say

By the way, I was comparing Chuck’s show to DTS, not Bo’s. I never had the opportunity to listen to Bo’s show.

OK help a expatriate out - where do I find these shows?

Times and networks? Online Streaming?

I don’t remember listening to Chuck’s show. Was that available in Central Arkansas?

Don’t know why you would want to listen, but DTS can be heard at 5-8 pm Eastern. Chuck’s show went away when he started doing Razorback football and basketball; Bo picked up where he left off.

Yes, it was on KARN back when they did sports. It was in competition with DTS. He had stations elsewhere if I recall.