Bo Show UA playing ArSt

I can relate to this

I always cheered for the Arkansas St “Indians” when they were a Div II school

I drive down from Ft Riley and was in the stands at university of Kansaw when ASU took the Jayhawks to the limit and came within a play of beating the Jayhawks at home!

Jayhawk fans were so proud they thought they had beaten the Razorbacks!

I guess that happens when you been drinking hard - you can’t tell the difference between a Indian Logo and A Razorback logo

Poor Jayhawks - no one give a flip about Thier football - to them the season was made or lost when they played - Mizzou


I like the idea of ASU playing at WMS while wearing anthracite uniforms. They just need to be playing someone not called The Razorbacks. It’s a win win. All the folks who want to play at War and see anthracite unis can go to the game. Those of us who don’t can stay home.

Oh that’s funny - Touché

Well sounds like the JFB and Coach Barnhill (believe that’s right) axiom about playing ASU remains

I trust what you folks that live in Arkansas ha e to say about it

i am old school. if that game was scheduled Frank might actually turn over in his grave.

here is my reasoning:

we don’t need to play ASU. someone tell me what good it does for us. financially we won’t make any more or less. plus, it would be the ASU game of the year every year. pull out all stops. us on the other hand, have to deal with the sec west and a couple of opponents from the east every year plus another power 5 non conference game. just another non conference game for us.

i used to root for ASU back in the day, until the NIT paired us in basketball. I was at that game. nervous yes, i saw Frank pacing in the hallways before he left at halftime i believe. we got down early and came back to win a close one. I am not sure Nolan would have survived had we lost that game. but it was the ASU fans that changed my mind. of course they were brash, vocal, rude, etc. never seen the hatred before from their hard core small contingent. my thinking, if they hate us this much, why root for them at all.

i just think it does us no good at all to play them. and yes if i live long enough one year a fluke will happen and they will probably win a game, and i dread the headlines. as dudley said, it would be fantastic for any type of reporter, but for a fan and for the u of a, nothing to win, everything to lose, a no brainer for me. Let the policy stand as it always has.

I used to love the games in Little Rock back in the dark ages. However, as one gentleman said the stadium has become antiquated. I have one really ugly memory of sitting in the south end zone when my wife became ill. We tried to get out through the south end zone tunnel. It was completely blocked by people in line for the concession stand directly ahead (can you imagine a worse stadium?). Never went back. Will never go back.


It’s time. Play the game.

Playing ASU is a lose/lose for Arkansas. Once that happens you force those who cheer for both teams to choose and you then don’t get those fans back. But even worse, let the Hogs lose to them and it is a major calamity.

LOSE/LOSE. Nothing gained just cementing and broadening even greater division. So, why is it time to do something where
the negatives far outweigh the positives for The University of Arkansas? By the way, what exactly are the positives for the
the Razorbacks?

From this thread I’ve pretty much conceeded to no play

But what hooked me as positives fir US - looking from out of state

  1. Should be a win just like playing all those directional Schools but not having to pay a million $ to get a win

  2. see #1 - you don’t pay ASU for the game

  3. Require the ASU home be WMS to be played in off years Mizzou is not in WMS

But that’s about it

This is the one game that playing Mizzou is better than playing ASU except you have a 90% chance of a win and you are always playing the game in state because it helps with the WMS problem until next 5-10 years WMS goes completely away

That’s the best argument I can give you as positives fir UofA

in response to play the game, its time. well i heard someone say that about taking the ten commandments down. its time. antiquated thinking, blah blah blah…

we agree to disagree. funny that comes from an employee of the paper that now labels us u of a fayetteville.

and while on that subject, i read in another post that an email address was given out to voice an opinion on that matter. and we were encouraged to write. we can complain all we want about that but:

my question, what person, his or her name, that made that decision for the paper. does the democrat have guts enough to give out the authoritative figure at the paper that made that decision? if it were a committee, what are their names?

Why do you think it’s time? The only people who want to see the game played is ASU and their fans. I don’t understand why it’s time.

Richard, you’re wrong on this!!

I am an older fan and I think it would be an ok thing now for the following reasons.

  1. ASU is now division 1, which means they meet bowl requirements.
  2. Play the game in LR to satisfy the " we must play a game in LR "crowd. Split the gate with them and move on.
  3. It would save a $1,000,000. payout to a team like Coastal Carolina or Louisiana Monroe to get them to come in state. Plus it would be a heck of a lot more exciting.

If you can make $5 million playing a no-name in Fayetteville, exactly why would you play a second game in Little Rock that would be an away one?

If they were to play, it would have to be in Fayetteville and on Arkansas terms. If Little Brother wants to play, let’s see how willing they are to come into the Hog’s Den (or Pen) for no guaranteed money. Doubt it’d happen. If they ever join a conference that is more prestigious than the Sun Belt, Arkansas could maybe then agree to meet in Little Rock every other year. But Jonesboro? Forget it.

It must be a slow time for you, Richard.

Earlier this week you wrote about a 12 year old. Now, you’re scheduling football games.

Well, that’s one hell of a well-reasoned, thought out post.

It’s not time.

Wrote like a story? I mentioned because the 12 year old is a brother of a former Hog.

I’m not scheduling games. Just have an opinion that you can agree with or not agree with.

Will never be the time for most. I think all the doom and gloom of playing ASU is overstated. You obviously feel the other way and that’s perfectly fine.