Bo Show UA playing ArSt

I ordinarily would say Nooo

But listening to Bo show today (good summer topic) about Srk vs Ar St

Michael from LR called and actually had a good idea - I agree with it - no I’m not smoking wacky weed

  1. Play Ark St at WMS as an away game with Ark St as home team when playing Mizzou at Fayettnam
  2. Play Ark St in Fayettnam when playing Mizzou away

Advantages are: WMS has a good game each year and when Ark plays Ar St You can bet WMS will be full

On WMS: we played there to take advantage of LR talent but - that was before there was a good interstate to Fayetteville like Now (no pig trail limitations now)

The reason I think it’s so emotional is because there are such great memories of victories and great games At WMS for older Razorback fans

The environment and tailgating in times as late as the 90’s was exceptional

Those times have changed

But to help thinks healed so what playing Ar St atWMS as thier home game is a win win for everyone

We need a spark - maybe this would help

Uh, no.

No thanks. I live in LR but choose not to attend games there. Antiquated stadium and too many drunks…I have great memories there from my younger days but would rather stay home than go to WMS.

That’s always been my first reaction

But times change

Maybe time to play Ark St

My position has not and will not change. ASU has not earned the right to play us. They need to develop their program and get into a real conference (maybe not Power 5 but something better like CUSA or AAC). Louisville built its program to the point where Kentucky had to play them in all sports. ASU needs to do the same thing, but no, they want big brother to throw them a lifeline of money and attention they can’t get on their own.

I’m not worried about selling out WMS, if we have to have “reasons” for playing there, then we don’t need to. If, and I say “if” , we were ever to play ASU, the game needs to be in Fayetteville in front of 76,000, not 54,000. ASU would get the same number of tickets as Tulsa/E. Illinois/Kent St get. If they want more, make them part of our season ticket packages. They don’t deserve any special treatment.

Ricepig knows what he’s talking about! He explained it perfectly!

It is my belief that the Arkansas State and War Memorial issues, as many do, break down along generational lines. The older generation is more willing not to change the status quo, generally speaking, whereas younger people want to see these things change. The younger ones will make up the target ticket-buying audience within 10-15 years, which is when I think we will see some traction on Arkansas playing Arkansas State. It is going to happen one day and Arkansas will dictate the terms of where and how often.

Funny, you don’t want to be tied to a rivalry with Mizzou because you think it hurts the brand but you want to play ASU every year. No thanks.

'Lil Bo Peep must be lacking content to drag up this dead horse.

The game has no value nor does playing at WMS

I will try to be objective about this topic:

  1. If anyone starts up that “keep that money in the state” crap line, I will vote no and go. If you want to be stupid fine but you insult your audience when you expect us to be stupid too. ASU plays “rent a win” games for big paydays as much as they want and have no problem finding Miami’s, OU’s, etc. to pay them to show up and take their beating. They and the state lose nothing by not playing The University of Arkansas and they don’t gain nothing financially if we ever play them. Except a chance to claim they are kinda sorta equal to us if they can play close or even occasionally pull an upset.

  2. You want a deal? Make it win/win. When all you got to offer is we have nothing to gain and lots to lose while you gain huge credibility by finally forcing this game no matter the score, you got no chance to have the game.

  3. We play six SEC West, two SEC East, and one more Power 5 team each year. We don’t need a nothing to lose & crazy to win game on top of that. The extra 10-15,000 tickets sold to ASU fans and UofA haters is just not enough to justify the distraction.

  4. I think ASU needs to sign up UCA for a ten game home and home series or ten games in Little Rock to show The UofA all of the benefits of letting a lesser, in-state, opponent boost their program at your expense. When that turns out to be a huge blessing for ASU, tell them then we can talk about it. Until that time, the answer is no.

One of the reasons Long got fired was he was alienating the rest of the state enough that you could see the Governor and the non NWA legislators someday mandating a UofA/ASU game in WMS to keep that state property relevant.

As a writer, I would love to see it.

It would be the school I grew up closest to, attended the most games at and almost played football at vs. the place I went to school and now cover.

But I also see why Arkansas would see no need to play it.

Especially as a visitor in Little Rock - neither of which would make any sense for me.

The SEC is a making money conference - not a helping others who are struggling to pay their bills one.

Well ricepig1 was succent no doubt

I’m open to it but Mya weakness is two fold

  1. I don’t live in Arkansas anymore so as a Razorback in excile I miss the nuances that living in state gives you

  2. As a old mil analyst you are always to ask what is the vested interest of the person or force presenting an option - Bo is a “professional” sports personality - He isn’t Orval Henry - so he isn’t a sports professional and a Razorback fan too

I suspect Bo,s vested interest would be a ArSt Vs Ark game would give him more fodder for ratings

But that aside yes - Looking at it from Kentucky I could see the game as I described earlier - while admitting - I defer to you fans that are on the ground and have ground truth about the situation

I can see why you would see some contradiction in my post - but hear my rational

My whole problem with Mizzou is how the SEC trade made for the good of the SEC hurt Arkansas

I would be fine with flipping the Mizzou LSU dates -

I would be totally happy with playing Mizzou in Oct and LSU Black Friday -

Mizzou vs Ark Black Friday is a net loss for Ark

Playing ARSt - should be a guaranteed win each year - should not cost UofA a red cent - no paying some directional school $1mil to pad Ark schedule to help us get a bowl

That’s my reasoning - but again - I don’t live in Ark so I defer

I can tell you that talking about Arkansas-Arkansas State is not one of Bo’s favorite things.

Trust me.

I am willing to change; “IF” it helps Arkansas WIn

My central focus remains the same;

“Win, just Win and Build the Brand and it will be OK”

My thoughts.

  1. It helps UA in no way at all. None.
  2. It would help ASU immensely. Especially in fundraising. And it would help ASU in its quest to join a Power 5 Conference, which is the objective of Mohajir, the AD.
  3. Say I live in NEA, and currently give UA 25,000 a year. ASU appears as a “rival”, and due to business interests feel compelled to split that $$$ between the schools each year. That help UA?
  4. There are sportswriters in the state who didn’t attend UA, who privately would love to see the UA “cut down to size”. They would much rather witness a UA-ASU game than a UA bowl game every year. And, yes, I absolutely believe that. One need look no further than the UofA, Fayetteville reference from the state paper every time UA is mentioned.
  5. UA has a difficult enough job in trying to recruit athletes against the SEC schools. Not sure how the UA is helped by making in-state recruiting potentially more difficult.
  6. Bottom line is this topic appears about this time every year. There are those who are absolutely more excited and energized about UA-ASU than UA competing at a higher level within the SEC. I am just not one of them.

That was a Superpost

You need to post more often

Well done

My only reservation is the argument Matt Jones made

But yes - the upside is greater for ASU than UA

So I defer to your argument and those who support you

Great post

I simply disagree with Matt’s premise that this issue is “generational”. It’s not. Until ASU can elevate its program to a level at which UA could actually gain something by playing, then the same situation will exist 25 years from now as today. Those in charge of the Razorback program will not make the decision to enter into a policy change that would offer their side nothing, while potentially hurting the program financially.

I’m an ASU grad (who was a Hog fan before I even knew A-State existed).

I’d hate to see the game happen.

Right now I can be a fan of both teams, as I think a fair number of Arkansans are. Once there’s a rivalry it’s pick one and hate the other–based on most other instate rivalries I can think of.

But I"m old. And maybe it is generational.