Bo show today he gave fans permission to leave UA

Bo is in a roll

Says we are living in the past - then gives himself some wiggle room by saying “You need to keep somethings”

Bu5bis pushing a new fan base

He was clear that maybe we don’t need all the stars

That it’s ok fir fans to leave (all this coencides with his ArSt game promotion)

Is this him doing radio shock or is he promoting splitting the fan base ?

I’m getting

I intuit he is promoting a lessor Arkansas program that accepts its place as a 2nd or 3rd Teir SEC football program

What’s going on with Bo ?


Bo is interesting. When it comes to playing at WMS he says we shouldn’t do it if it causes even a slight disadvantage in winning games or hosting recruits. And I think he’s right.

But when it comes to playing ASU, he seems to now think any disadvantage would be small and okay–even though he can’t articulate any advantage.


He wants to stir the pot to help his ratings.

Well he stirred me

Maybe why I don’t like “professional” sports personalities for the most part

They are NOT Orville Henry who spoiled us for a couple of generations

Mr OH you could always trust because he akways saw Arkansas fans from our best intentions not our correctness

Bo like many “professionals” are really bemused by fans but use them to pay the bills

Actually, how much does Bo know ABOUT Arkansas? Really he is from Florida. Florida? FLORIDA??— Playoffs? PLAYOFFS??

I hate it when Bo starts talking about all this Arkansas stuff. Was he here in 64? 69? And all the other HUGE plays in Razorback history.


Sure people flip as a buddy of mine did back AT Whirlpool. But can he understand the true PAIN over the years Arkansas has ben through.

I have never heard anybody say 'Bo HOW would you have any idea??

NOW if he moved here when he was 7 that’s a different story.


Bo Knows all? About Arkansans? :slight_smile:

Good Rant - I like it!

Looking forward to Sept

Dreading October

1964 ruined me - as a grad schooler in 1964 the Razorbacks were my hero’s

And WMS was a magical place that my uncle Dr Cale (Atkins) had 40 yard line seats

First time I heard and participated in the Hog call as a 7-8 year old influenced me forever

I went thru my early years believing Arkansas couldn’t loose

1966 Cotton Bowl loss to LSU hurt badly

1969 loss was death of a dream - I’m convinced JFB never fully recovered

It’s a new era what do we keep what do we let go what is best for the Razorbacks and Arkansas?

Luckily these are questions I have no control over but they will happen

My regret I sense that the Razorbacks are becoming more the Universities program and less Arkansas Ambassadors

I sensing a nice to acceptance that Arkansas can be a good 8/4 team with occasional 9-3 or even 10-2 years and that is acceptable?

To me it’s never acceptable - to lose anything - the most fun and the most inspiring is going for it all - that’s Arkansas for me - acceptance of our limits - naw - no way

Bo is bored like the rest of us…

These side issues like playing ASU, WMS silliness, academics, all-sports rankings, new uniforms, new facilities, etc. are all slightly interesting. But just slightly.

The reason people long for the “good old days” and pine for some of the rather stale traditions up on the Hill is that Arkansas used to win football games. All of that evokes good memories, feelings and thoughts.

Except for a brief time recently with Coach Petrino, there hasn’t been any big-time football winning at all in Fayetteville. As I’ve said repeatedly, winning needs to be prioritized as much as possible. Every single decision UA football management makes needs to be with any eye towards more wins. If playing at WMS and/or playing ASU means more wins, then fine. Do it. If not, then don’t do it.

And tell everyone why you’re not doing it. It would be refreshing for an AD or coach, for once, to come out and say, “Look, we’ve sucked at football since 2012 and going forward every single decision we make is going to be based on trying to achieve more wins.” Or, “we’re not playing any more games in Little Rock because it detracts from winning.” Or, “we’re not playing ASU because that doesn’t help our football program win games.” That is the right response and needs to be the mantra of the UA athletic department. It’s one that can be sold to everyone in each corner of Arkansas. How that can be debated? All is right in Arkansas when Razorback football is winning.

Instead, for the last several years we’ve gotten sterile, corporate speak from Jeff Long about supporting a terrible football coach in Bielema, the importance of “student athletes” and their academic accomplishments, massive fundraising (some of which is excessive), including the need to spend millions to renovate WMS. None of that translates into more wins. I would hope all of that is why Long was fired.

Win, win, win. That needs to be the only focus.

I’m going to take up for Bo here on this subject.

I am about to turn 55 so that means I was a 1-year-old in 1964 and a 6-year-old in 1969.

I remember absolutely nothing live about those two games other than what I have read or watched - same as Bo. Heck, I’m sure he has talked to more of the participants than I have over the years.

Even if I had, the car wreck and brain surgery would have wiped it out. I didn’t even know who my parents were for awhile, much less who made a tackle. Most of my childhood memories are gone and I rely on others and newspaper stories to fill me in.

Bo has now been here 27 years. It’s not as if he moved here yesterday. He is very clued in on things within the athletic department. He is a sharp, successful guy who is a company and a brand - not just a radio host.

We certainly don’t agree all the time, but I absolutely hate the insider-outsider thing when it comes to our state - just as I hate the Yankee-Southerner argument.

People who move to our state, contribute and enrich the texture and fabric of our state should be applauded - not ridiculed as being an outsider.

As I have said often, the Civil War is not at halftime.

Frank Broyles didn’t grow up in Arkansas. Nor did Nolan Richardson. Or Bobby Petrino and so on and so on. But they came to Arkansas and made the state better.

To think that you can’t move to a state and become informed about things (especially in 27 years) is something I just don’t understand.

Most don’t like to admit it, but we finished on top of the West 3 times in Nutt’s 10’years.

No, only twice, right? Danny Ford had them in the SECG once, I think. One time Nutt backed into it because Bama I think was on probation. He did have a legit chance when Reggie Fish fumbled the punt against Florida. Brutal. I’ll give HDN some credit. It’s due. But I’m talking about big-time, real winning. Petrino got us to a BCS game. That is big time to me.

Nutt’s teams won it 3 times. We tied with MSU once and won it outright twice.

Yes, One of Ford’s teams won the West.

Petrino never finished above 3rd.

It doesn’t really matter now. Like you, I’m ready to start competing again.

In 2010 we tied with LSU for second and beat them, so I guess that would be finishing above 3rd.

But if somebody they don’t like, such as Bielema or Nutt, did that, that would be failing because we didn’t win the West. Which Nutt and Ford did and Petrino didn’t.

I can’t pick up Bo’s show anyomre, unless he’s on a radio station in LR I’m not aware of. However, I don’t think UA fans need Bo’s permission to leave. If they want to, they will.

I don’t expect us to play as well as Alabama anymore. There was a time I did. Back when we were a top program & Alabama was at least human. We’re not “top” anymore. However, I do think we can get there. It’ll take the right coach & enough players who want to give us a chance. (A good crop of Ark recruits who consider state loyalty, etc a bigger issue than it is to play for Alabama or Auburn, etc.) I hope Morris is that coach. If he is, I think we can get the players. We might not become Alabama, but we can be one of the top SEC teams.

Personally, I’d be happy with consistent 8-4 with a 10-2 every 5-6 years & 11-1 or even 12-0 every 10-15 years.

It does get chippy this time of year

I still believe with the right coach and staff Arkansas can win the SEC 2x a decade and the SEC every decade with an 8-4 year acrebuilding year IMHO

For years Bo has been the guy who likes to tell ArkansS fans what the program isn’t and will not be in the SEC.

But, if they’re winning he flips it.

This is what he does. He wants “good” radio. That’s why he is constantly creating controversial narratives and giving a bully pulpit to wannabe Finebaum type callers.

The one thing he does really well is book good guests.

Guests are why I listen to Bo. And I count Clay and Duds as guests. When he starts taking calls I start turning the dial, usually to Sirius.

I never listen to caller driven sports shows, if somebody says something worthwhile, there will be a tweet about it.

Truth here - His Vested Interest as a “professional” radio host is “good radio”

I enjoy the show but I cringe at some of the callers - I really enjoy the guest from out of state, the coaches and players he has on

I enjoy Clay - who reminds me of his Dad and I enjoy Matt Jones - who in my personal oppion is a true professional - I observe Matt to focus simply on facts and presenting them in ways without berating or attacking a caller or writer

With Bo I don’t know if he understands that there was Orville Henry who was a “professional” and a person who was a fan of the Arkansas people - with the Razorbacks as a rallying place for them

I miss Orville Henry - we could trust him

Bo I trust to be interested in good radio and that means he may manipulate fans to make that happen and of course he has to protect his standing in the “professional” guild - he can talk down to fans because as a professional he is above that so he can have good optics

That’s pretty cynical of me - If I had a beer with him - bet I would like him

Edit later: I’ve been too harsh and cynical on Bo - not going to edit out my original comments - I need to own them
But this IS the great Evil of Boards and Siciak media - we can reduce people to cartoons if we are not careful - and I am not innocent - but I’ll leave my original post but I do so only as a perception not as the reality of the man Bo Mattingly must be as a Man - Husband- Father - it’s too easy simply to see him as a sports talk personality - there is much more