Bo’s Column – “Hog Life Changing”

He talks about how Hog fans have grown to expect the bad. I fall into that group. It doesn’t mean I am not a Hog fan (I live and die too much with each win or loss, just ask my wife). It may be just a function of my personality (I am not a “downer” type person, but I also don’t really expect to win the lottery either.)

I have to admit when we missed the FG at TCU, I told my wife “we are probably going to lose now.” Then when TCU scored to make it 20-14, I was a sure we were going to lose. When they scored to make it 21-20, while I was upset, I was not surprised. Again, I fully expected the bad to happen.

When we actually won the game, I was very (pleasantly) surprised.

Is that game enough for me to get over the expectations of “bad things are going to happen?” For me, not yet. I have seen too many not called fasemask penalties (Texas 1977), too many fumbles (Tennessee 1998), too many phantom holding calls (Auburn a few years ago, forget the year), too many personal foul calls when we didn’t do anything (Florida a few years ago). Too many tripping calls (even if it was the correct call, my point isn’t that we always get screwed over (we do sometimes) but that something always goes wrong). Eight point lead and the ball late in the 4th quarter? Lose anyway.

I hope Bo is right. I would love to learn to expect good things to happen, not bad things. I am just not there yet.