Bo Nix vs Chad Morris

WATCH: Bo Nix argues with teammate, coach on sideline

Hammer down, Bo?

I watched that game. Nix is a very good runner with a strong arm. He is in a T-Model offense. He would be great at Alabama. He went to the wrong school…of course his daddy played at Auburn. He is a talented young guy, but he needs to tone it down with his team. They may stop blocking for him.

Very true! Even though I have a cousin that played for Auburn and I lived down there most of my first 15 years of life, except for The Bear, I don’t care for auburn or alabama. TRUE Razorback all the way here.

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It’s a shame I can"t connect that live video of Nix & Morris’s discussion but it’s out there.

Perhaps Nix was insisting on passing the ball backwards into the ground and Chad was insisting he pass the ball forward into the air :grinning:.


ummmm are vice versa. That great offensive mind set of Morris still amazes me. lol

OR :sunglasses:

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