Bo Nix is in the portal

Born bleeding blue and orange but he’s bailing out on the Bagmen. Maybe his bottomless ATM card stopped working.

Rumors are Harsin’s oc choice is at Arizona state and he has some many ncaa issues that even auburn said no.

Pretty sure some assistant coaches are abandoning the ship after signing day.

That is interesting given his ties and background to the school,

he does have his Auburn degree, so he gradulated Aubbie but could have had eligibility if he wanted to go through the mud one more time for a staff not really in tune or caring about his legacy.

Oxford bound.

Oxford? I don’t see him as a Kiffin style QB. He’s a huge step down from Corral. But he may also be the best Joey can get.

He’s always been a middle of the road QB, until he played us.

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Understand Tank Bigsby it hitting the portal too.

Is Auburn going through a UT type contracture? It gives me great joy to not have to specify which UT.


I’m ready for Auburn to take a nose dive for a few years.


harsin = morris

That’s an All-Auburn family; I remember his Dad as QB.

Why would he leave Auburn ?

I don’t get it.

Probably because he thinks TJ Finley will beat him out.

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