Bo Mattingly's new project

Bo Mattingly and JM Associates have produced a series that focuses on Kansas, primarily Jeff Long’s hiring of Les Miles. It will be on ESPN+ next month.

He started working on that before Les Miles was announced but after he was hired.

Is this one called, being a sleeze bag?

Wow! Jeff Long may have been a lot of things but “Sleaze Bag” was not one of them. I met Jeff on numerous occasions and he is a stand up guy. You may not have liked some of the decisions he made, there were several I did not agree with, but he was a good guy that does not deserve to be called names that imply improper or unethical behaviors.

I agree. He made several bad calls, but bad judgment doesn’t make someone a sleaze bag.

Sounds like a one and done. 'Glad they are gone.

So doing whatever it takes even ‘find dead hookers in their closet if you have to’ in order to fire someone, isn’t a sleaze bag?

He was a pompous ass, not sure what Jeff Long y’all met.

I have my own set of stories. Maybe I’ll tell them if I ever write a book. I rolled my eyes when Bo told me he was going to spend time at Lawrence. Oh, well.

I respect and appreciate that Jeff dumped his first try at revamping the communications office. His second try was excellent. Basically, it was in the opposite direction of what he let happen under Petrino. Most of those who are still at Arkansas that were Jeff Long hires turned out to be excellent people, but they were so beat down in how they were allowed to interact with almost anyone that you didn’t know they had good in them.

Hunter Yurachek took the shackles off of them and they were able to treat others the way you’d want to be treated. They were all afraid to talk to anyone when Jeff was around. Hunter is a good man. Actually, Hunter is a treat to be around. He seems to want to do the kind of things that Arkansas people like and appreciate. Jeff? Not so much.

I don’t have any special insight on Jeff Long. I do know that if I close my eyes while he talks, I hear Kermit the Frog.

I wish him well in KS. I never really cared for him nor did I not like him either. It was just sort of in the middle. I always had the feeling he was not one of us nor did he want to be. Very difficult I am sure to follow Frank. It would have helped I think if he did not get rid of all things Arkansas.

Bo should take Wally and the ADG to Lawrence just to make sure we get plenty of info on Long, Miles and Kansas.

Wow, just wow, so Jeff was somewhat like CBP, hmm.