Bo Mattingly nails my concern about "Leadership" lacking by CBB … eadership/

Who is Jason Ivester? And why did you mention him?

Ivester was the photographer of the pic attached, this was Bo Mattingly.

Jason reads this board. He’ll get a kick out of someone thinking he wrote that. :lol:

Wow, had me thinking Bo worked under an alias.

Yes, Jason just shoots pictures. I have not known him to pen any columns in our magazine. Of course, Bo wrote it.

Excellent article. Sometimes all it takes is a “Leader” communicating the expectation to be great for a kid to believe they can be great; and not communicating disappointment at mistakes is the same as saying those mistakes are acceptable or expected.

After failing to get a first down on 3rd and 1, I went to the sideline and my coached asked me “What the hell was that?”
I was shocked because there wasn’t anything there…the line did a piss poor job of blocking and i thought thats who the coach should be talking to. I responded, “There wasn’t a hole to run through!”

Coach - “Then make one!”

We went back out and ran the same play, the line blocked the same, but this time I made the hole and got the yard…or so I like to think.

You get more by expecting it then just accepting what happened. I honestly believe thats why Petrino won as many games as he did because I don’t believe his team were more talented than the teams we fielded the past three seasons.

I like Bielema and what he’s trying to build. During press conferences I think he believes his teams should win, but once we take the field I don’t think he expects to win…he just accepts the outcome and so do his teams.

Interesting remark. One more opinion based solely on distant observation. I’m thinking reality is more complex.

Bo gets half of it.

This was a leadership problem. It was not a coaching leadership problem.

Coaches know: too many seniors can be a bad thing (young players are hungrier, if nothing else). Those seniors can out-perform the others in practice, especially when the closest competition may be an 18-year old freshman. The seniors know each other so there is chemistry. So, the coach is left to manage the rumblings as best as is possible, or to boot the problems (if things even escalate to the point a removal is appropriate).

I’ve been there. I’ve lived this. You are stuck until the season ends. You can reboot quickly. You can show the door to those who don’t snap quickly to the re-confirmed expectations. But, you do that in the middle of the year and you are setting yourself up for a worse disaster than what we experienced.

For those who disagree or don’t have the background to understand (not a slam, just the reality that few actually are in the business of trying to win championships for their work), consider this: a team needs leadership, and a coach wants leadership, but where that leadership comes from is usually not driven by the coach (coaches naming a “leader” only adds a label to a player who doesn’t command the respect of others). Too often, leadership that is driven by a segment of the team conflicts with the “leadership” that comes from seniority. Sometimes it is a sophomore or junior who is that real leader…but they may struggle to earn/maintain the respect of those in grades above them.

Or, maybe Bo gets more than half of it: maybe it wasn’t a coaching leadership problem, but the coaches still have to fix it.

Bo gets a lot of credit for noting the problem - easy to write about other things that may not get at the emotional core of the problem.

Excellent post!

True…I guess I compare it to the sideline styles of those coaches that are proven winners(Saban, Dabo, Carroll, Petrino). Those coaches seem much more involved in the momentum and flow of the game. At glance, they seem to have more influence on the overall performance of their team.

Coach B reminds me of Andy Reid with his sideline demeanor.

This is a good comparison.

But even Reid seems more involved.

That’s my biggest concern with BB, his tendency to disappear in games. It’s almost like a star player who doesn’t do anything in the fourth quarter, and you wonder why.

In the most critical times you will see him distance him self from the team on the sideline, or never truly seem fired up unless it was a call that was a mistake.

I’ve never really seen him huddle he players out and chew some A$$, that may sound harsh but it’s needed. Sometimes it’s the best pep talk, he’s very non-interactive with the players in the game.

Would love to see him show more enthusiasm and player motivation this season. And less times where it seems his jaw has hit the turf.

Love my hogs and wish him the most success, because this season sure gave me a grey hair or two.

Woo pig

Wow, looks like Bo is calling BB out a little here.

Surprised, because I thought Bo was BBs puppet

I disagree with you. Leadership is developed. It is not inate. Some people have inate tendencies toward leadership but it still has to be developed. Leadership development falls on the responsibility of the person running the organization, whether it is a head football coach or a CEO. You recruit to it and develop it. It is year 4 of CBB’s program so if he doesn’t have the leadership he needs on the team then it falls back on him.

After reading the article I am not sure how Bo concludes that “those things have actually become exactly who Arkansas is and not uncharacteristic at all. This is what Hog fans have come to expect.”

But for a couple of plays in the second half of the Mizzou and Va Tech games we would be 9 & 4 and not even having these discussions. Most people would be talking about what a good season it was. I feel with the loss of 6 key players from last year (BA, Henry, Collins, Williams, Kirkland and Tretola) there was a good chance of having a less productive offense than in 2015.

The problems the defense had stopping the run this year were puzzling and may be more about coaching/scheme than players, we shall see this year if that was a cause. Could we use more speed on defense, yes we could. Not sure there was a lack of leadership on defense unless it was the head coach of the defense.

I for one do not expect the Razorbacks to be consistently inconsistent and will be very surprised if we have the same type of problems this year as last on the field.The offensive line will be much better this year and Allen will be more mature and poised in the pocket. Running backs should continue to improve and there will be more speed and size at receiver this year. But we will see.

As for the defense there is more speed coming from the redshirt freshmen along with depth at linebacker, we will see what affect Coach PR has.

Just my observations.
Woo Pig

It’s slow. No one is reading right now, and Bo can use this to show he’s balanced and unbiased.

Reporting 101, if you’ve got to say something and don’t want anyone to read it, say it a time no one is interested.

Seriously?? You really think Bo published an article because he didn’t want anyone to read it. Logic 101…your point is fundamentally flawed.

There were concerns about CBB’s ‘game day’ ability from when he was at Wisconsin. He didn’t always use the clock well or make the best decisions when the head coach had to make them. Of course, sometimes it is choosing the alternatives offered by your assistants and taking the one that gives your team the best chance to win. That’s what the coach hopes he is always doing. But, sometimes it is about being audacious, bold, and rolling the dice. There are calculated risks and wild ass guesses. I think CBB has made some boneheaded decisions, sometimes successful and sometimes awful. He stuck by players who were injured, as in Brandon Allen against Missouri a few years ago and with Froholdt in the second half against both Missouri and Virginia Tech. Was that leadership to stick by your players or was it a boneheaded decision? I just think he is a great program CEO, an excellent judge of coaches and players, and very smart when it comes to Xs and Os when putting together a game plan. He is gaining experience and experience will make him a better man. I just hope he realizes that one of his weaknesses involves his leadership and decision making from the sidelines. He needs to develop those skills if he is going to take this program to the level we all want it to be.

I think this is 100% spot on - I think Harry “the bucks stops with me” Truman would agree.