Bo Mattingly: Hog life is changing

Interesting read here from Bo: … -changing/

Bo’s column has been in our magazine for a couple of years. We will have it here, too, going forward. One of the things that is coming is a flip book of the movie that will be available to subscribers right after publication. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and will finally be available. I think the vision of our site has started to emerge for a lot of you now and you know why I wanted to join with what Matt had created at Whole Hog Sports. We truly have merged, too. I think Whole Hog Sports, Powered by Hawgs Illustrated is a good way to say it, too. I’m pleased with all of the new stories and content available. It’s the vision that both Matt and I had of this going together. We truly do have six times the content available before.

I love the move. It took some getting used to, but the content is amazing. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with everything, and that’s how I like it.

Thanks for having the vision and the courage to make a big change, Clay. True success comes when you take chances, and I think you hit it out of the park here.

Hey Clay…while this new board/discussion format isn’t as intuitive as the old disqus system at WHS, I think we’re all starting to get used to it. We have had to endure some fairly rough treatment from the “natives”, and those few just need to back down and give us time. My dad and I have had the same season tix since 1963, and I grew up a fan of your dad’s writing. It’s great to see you carrying on the tradition!

Coach Bielema is building something special in Fayetteville, and this weekend is a crucial brick in the foundation. Thanks for all you do, and WOOO PIG!!