Bo laughed at the idea that CK was a better option to win than AA

But it seems that Bret Bielema thought Kelley was the best option for a win if I am understanding him correctly. … 0171105-1/

[quote]Bielema said Allen was 100 percent healthy in practice Wednesday and Thursday.
“So we did intend to get him in there, but obviously just because of the flow of the game,” Bielema said of not playing Allen. "We were going to come out in the second half with him, but just with the score and the situation, really felt for Cole’s development just to keep staying where it is.

How else am I supposed to interpret this?

Coachspeak. If he was healthy, he’s in there.

So Bielema was not being truthful when he said Allen was 100% healthy in practice this week?

The key is that Austin is still getting back into rhythm. Cole took 2/3 of the reps with ones this week, so he’s the No. 1 for now. I do think he also said he would continue to say they will play both so the opposition doesn’t know. I do not think you can take a lot out of what he says they are going to do with QBs. They won’t be telling you all of the story, and no coach does with quarterbacks. Cole has been the guy with the ones for about one month now. That puts him ahead of Austin, in my opinion. Until Austin takes the bulk of the reps with the ones in practice, you go with Kelley.

Understood, and agree. At this point, I’d see Austin as more of a “reliever” or “change it up” candidate to CK’s starter role.

I think healthy is the right word for Austin now. His shoulder is fine. What is probably happening is that he’s building up strength again. I watched him in warmups and the arm appeared to have normal zip. Does it get tired and lose strength after a number of throws? Not sure.

I don’t ever think coaches tell the whole story on injuries and I wouldn’t if I was them. You do mislead the other team as best you can. It sometimes means that you aren’t giving fans all the information, too. That’s part of the game.

Sad that we are in a position that we must try to deceive Coastal Carolina. Good thing we did though, might have had taken a L.

Because no other coach would do that.


I know you dont like Coach B and want him gone. Don’t lose your objectivity while watching him walk out the door.

Saban would hide information from a Pee Wee team to get an edge, and everyone would laud his “system” and “professionalism” for it.

One, I don’t care what any other coach would do. I care what happens at the UA, our level of preparation and our ability to compete in the SEC.

Two, I like Coach B just fine. I have shared this with others in PMs, but coach brightened the day of one my dearest friends as he battled for his life with leukemia (everyone, please sign up to be a bone marrow donor. PM me and I can quickly show you how). My friend would eventually lose his life, but Bielema brightened his final days, in a personal manner, on more than one occasion. Bret Bielema has been a blessing to a great many people and I am very thankful for that.

Three, you are correct. I do not want him to coach the Razorbacks any longer.

How else am I supposed to interpret this?

Don’t waste my time listening to the midget, but AA will start against LSU.

Someone is coaching for their job.

Go Hogs!

How else am I supposed to interpret this?

I certainly don’t have any insider info, but I believe the coaches have good reasons to hold AA out. I do enjoy CK’s ability to tuck the ball and run, and his little screen passes. Man they are pretty. My desire is for them both to play and compliment each other when AA is healthy.

I think AA will play but when is the question. BB is probably coaching for his job. If I’m coaching for my job, I’m putting my best out there. We will see.

To me its obvious what to do. Austin was the starter. Cole has NOT played better than what we have seen Austin do. If Austin is healthy, start him.

What I would do differently is if Austin isn’t playing well, I wouldn’t wait long to replace him. That way Cole comes in with confidence…rather than perhaps getting yanked and losing confidence. One thing I do think…it will be a true competition on Tuesday. Then they will make a solid decision for Wed and Thursday.