Y’all gonna boo him Saturday or what ?

I hope not. It’s long ago history. I won’t be there but I would not boo him. Hopefully our fans show class. See the Aggie yell leaders for lack of class.


I’m trying to get my wife to wear a volleyball outfit. I really really hope we see lots of volleyball outfits, jokes, etc. In fact, couldn’t we honor our volleyball team for something, maybe right after we go ahead 3 scores?!

this has a chance to be a fun game. and finally a 6pm start! no more sweating to death and sunburn.


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I like it :volleyball:

I hope everyone keeps it classy. Petrino won a lot of games for us. It’s hard for me to have contempt for him.


That’s ridiculous. I figured there would be a lot of BP defenders on here. “He won a lot of football games” give me a break. It will say a lot about Arkansas if Bobby Petrino gets a big ole round of applause for his homecoming

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Cheering Bobby Petrino is about as far from classy behavior as you can get


He selfishly did something that took our program 10 years to recover. Blame it on Long or anyone else you want to but that’s exactly what happened.


I won’t boo him, but he’s the one coach we’ve had that I had a hard time supporting.


The best thing we can do Sat is beat his team on the scoreboard


We boo the other team when they come on the field, so I hope we stay consistent with that.

There is NOTHING to celebrate. Lying to your boss to cover your backside while breaking university policy…yeah, cheer for Bobby when baseball fans start cheering for Pete Rose.

Hang 70 on him. That’ll remind him of what he screwed up.


Guess I am no fun, just soundly beating them, giving the backups some game experience and coming out of the game healthy will be plenty for me. Whether Petrino has suffered enough for his egregious behavior is something I will leave to others.


I’d prefer we not boo him. I know some will, however. We all know what he did. He knows he screwed up. We don’t have to cheer him, but we shouldn’t boo him. But it’s going to happen.

And, no, cheering Bobby Petrino is not “as far from classy behavior as you can get.” It would show forgiveness. Hardly classless. I’m not going to be at the game, but if I were I’d neither cheer him or boo him.


FWIW BP really poured his heart out at a Little Rock Touchdown Club event a couple of years ago. He has a lot of remorse for what happened and a lot of love for our state and program. I will neither boo nor cheer him. Will root for the Hogs and hope and pray that Bobby and I are both better men today than we were 10 years ago.


The world needs more class and fewer boos. I would prefer we give him a warm welcome then proceed to beat the snot out of his team.


Neastarkie, Littlehock, and Eagle have it right. If we find it necessary to boo the coach of a Sunbelt team, it doesn’t seem to reflect well on the fan base. We now have a great head coach and a very good football team. Let’s just root a little louder for our team and not waste time booing the opposing team’s coach.

Personally, I appreciate what Petrino did for us in 2010 and 2011. I hated what he did in 2012, but that was a decade ago. Time to let go of it. For me, Long gets all the blame for our near decade of football incompetence. Petrino stopped making football program decisions in 2012.


To me Bielema was a lot like Scott Frost at Nebraska. Looked like a good hire at the time; in retrospect, not so much. At least BB made us respectable for a couple of years (winning seasons, bowl victories, etc.). Frost couldn’t even manage that

@southpaw and @pghawg1
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Yes but, Frost won and won big at UCF…and failed at Nebraska…I think this says more about “Nebraska”.

That is the exact same situation with Bielema. He went to 3 straight Rose Bowls at Wisconsin. That’s certainly winning big. Do you think then that Bielema’s failure here says more about Arkansas?