Bluegrass Football Bourbon

As we get closer would anyone be intersted in some Bluegrass Bourbon Guidance for what looks to be a long Football season?

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That looks like quite the selection.

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The price of that is why I quit drinking 40 years ago.


Blanton’s! Not a bottle to be had around here for love or money.

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I like your collection of shot glasses. :smiley:

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And the coaster.

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That made my night. Nice collection and placement. Kind of makes me wish for cooler weather.

Well played Bluegrass,

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TYSM Marty, you have always been so kind to me - Its been a long road the last few months but I’m still trying to influnce the next generation


OH Yes the price is great - Luckly since my retirement party every time I do a local charity event or other like servce friends and friends of friends give me Bourbon

So I havent bought any bourbon in a while - at Christmas a Presbyterian Elder gave me a jar of Shine - Lordy - its dangrous - smooth as any regualr wisky - It cleans stains on the fishing boat carpet and other areas just fine

I dont drink much - a shot or two and I am done - I’m a cheep date but love the flavor of good Bourbon

Its not impossible to find in Kentucky - Now Weller is tough to fine - Its a wonderful siping burboun higher on the wheat content - makes it very smooth- best screwtop bourbon in Kentucly IMHO

I like to serve Weller when peers breing wives and girlfriends - the women folk find it smoother - I really like it too for late evening to watch the stars and just relax

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Ive been fortunate that being one of the Few razorback fans in my area - friends on trips out of state collect shot galsses and other items and gift them to me -

Here is one that is at our Hunting Cabin - imiagine if you will - that after a long day in the deer woods - you beat the dounpours - have a bowl of Hot venison chilli - take your boots off
as the rain on a metal roof sings to you

Ease back into a comfortable rocker and watch the LSU game on your ipad

And as you watch the boys fight hard but fall behind - you just take out your good old Woordford Reserve from the Refrigerator and pour yourself a shot of smoky rich vanilla and pecan warmth?

You sit and listen to the rain - rock relax next to a fire and sip a little Bluegrass Liquid Sunshine

20 min later nuring that shot your ready for bed - another day of hunting in the mroing and for the Razorbacks - there is always next year

TYSM Jimbeau77 - so good to see your post

TYSM my friend - I find myself looking forward to cooler weather as well - its this time of year I want to start getting ready to hit the deer woods and relax - I dont shoot much anymore - take more pictures but love the outsdoors -

Here are two good examples of bourbon - the Evan Williams single Barrel would be perfect for a tailgate -

I like its Malty heft for an economy bourbon - Still retains more sweetness than spice (peppery finnish)

the Woodford Double oak I save for friends around the fire or special occasions - Its really more a desert bourbon with more complex flavors as it has been aged in two barrels not just one - Ive had some that is amazing and otehr shots that was nice but not remarkable - at its best its like a good Chocolate Bourbon ball

Now if you want somthing very special try Woodford Double, Double Oaked - its been aged in three barels and they dont blend it usually is single barrel - Its hefty in price and you can only get it at the distillary on yearly production runs - It taste like a Bourbon Pecan Pie in the mouth!

Very nice I save it for Christmas toast

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Good to have you back Bluegrass.
Nothing more peaceful than the outdoors - nature.
(And a good sipping bourbon(s) to go with it)
Cheers buddy

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TYSM Sir, (Jimbeau77) Not sure how much I am back - Life has been intresting since retirement and moving to the country - Im so much happier out of the city - in fact I thank God for His blessings as I am the happiest Ive been in years -

I never realized the pressure I was under - sort of like a frog in a hot water - I’m so grateful -

So now I listen to my antique radios - work on our farm - Love the Chruch I am in - chase grandkids - restroing a 1960 DurCraft Fishing boat that I my Dad, brother, Uncle Son and all the nephews grew up fishing in - Ive started canoeing again and working to stay healthy

The little things mean so mcuh more now - Ive burried alot of friends this last eyar and its put life in perspective - I thank God for that

Now if only these Razorbacks can be restored

Watching Dud’s notes close - I’ll protect myself emotionally and jsut be happy if the Razorbacks win an SEC game this year - If they do better - I’ll celibrate - if not - well - I got things to do

OH and TY for being patinet as I elarn how to sue this sight Ive enjoyed playing posting pictures

All I want to add is an Ashton VSG Robusto or the
Ashton Monarch. I miss a good cigar more than I miss
a good strip steak. I may sneak me one here soon.

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Not Jimbeau77 but Lets see you psot a pic of that cigar with a Razorback band - hane a wonderful night and Go Hogs

I may have been born in Kentucky, but my whisky doesn’t have an “e” in it. My drink of choice is made from red grapes.

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Bluegrass…my best friend retired in Louisville. It’s where he met his lovely wife in the early 80’s while he worked at WAKY radio. He and Karen loves to take the tours of the bourbon trails in KY. He’s a Woodford Reserve fan himself. Like you he only has the occasional glass but enjoys the flavor and the relaxation it gives him.

He has (unfortunately) become a fan of KY but still takes interest in our Hogs. But sports to him revolves around St. Louis Cardinal baseball.

Not sure how long you’ve been in Louisville but my buddy worked with “Your Duke of Louisville” Bill Bailey for years at WAKY. The stories are endless of Bill. He was a genuine character.

Great to have you back on HI. Glad things have slowed down for you.

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I love me some Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.

As nice as Woodford Reserve is, until you taste them side-by-side it’s hard to appreciate how much better the Double Oaked tastes. And you can do that if you go to the distillery and take the tour-it’s a beautiful place in the horse country just north of Lexington.

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