Bluegrass Bourbon and UGA Game

Well here we are about to face Georga as they invade the Hills of Arkansas

What to do? reading the Board Predictions I want to start drinking now!

I recommned:

“James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon - Born with the Republic” It traces its beginning from 1776.

Its 100 Proof and has a Good “Kentucky Hug” burn in the chest when you drink it neat

Its a realtive small operation out of Lexington, Kentucky - being produced at the original distillary

Its important for this Game because it has been reported to be the Favorite Bourbon of
General U. S. Grant -

This is the Whiskey that President Lincoln wanted to send to ALL his Generals because US Grant Fights!

Maybe we should get some early for Coach Sam and his other field generals so he is preped to “MARCH through Georga to the sea”

Its the first game - so lets not be complex -

So get some James E. Pepper 1776 and some Coke a Cola from Georga and mix to taste

Go easy, at 100 Proof ole Pepper can sneak up on you - so more coke and lite on the J.E.Pepper

Lets Hope it inspires and we see the Razorbacks March Thru Georga to the goal line and burn the SEC Scheduling pranks down

If its not an Arkansas win - well sip slowily and build a fire - relax and cook some Pork Brots and look forward to a better future - no stress


I have a friend who gets mad at me any time I want to mix a good bourbon (or a good rum) with Coke. But I like bourbon and coke OR bourbon and seven (although it has to be real 7-up.) I may have to stock up for the UGA game.

A couple of friends and I are talking about having a virtual tailgate for that game.

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I’ll have mine on the rocks and let the ice melt into it slowly to lighten it up. Sometimes with a lemon twist


Not a hard liquor guy. Strictly Pale Ale & IPA guy but respect the history of good bourbon. Good post.



It’s funny Bourbon purist you find two groups

I’m going to say this with true humility

true blue blood Kentuckians “the Horse racing kind” rarely drink Bourbon straight “neat”

They leave that to the “frontier stock” like me

Your willingness to blend your bourbon is a sign of higher class and refinement in the bluegrass


On the rocks is my preferred too jimbeau77

However in polite company I’ll enjoy a good “old fashion”. James E Pepper himself is said to have made the original with this bourbon

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TYSM RichardDavenport

I love beers esply German beers

But they put too much weight on me - and being in the Bluegrass the worlds fibbers bourbon is made here so I enjoy it

I’m really not a big drinker - but was lured in by folk that love it as a hobby

I might have two shots the whole game - three to four if it’s a win

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Been to Churchhill for the Derby. Plan to make it to Keeneland for a spring meet. Hopefully will be able to do some bourbon tours. A lady that went to the UA works at one of the farms and said she can help me get to meet my all time favorite horse Afleet Alex. Afleet is one of the best ever not to win the Triple Crown.

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Visited Lexington while we were living in Johnson City and did the whiskey and horses things. Visited Woodford distillery and Three Chimneys Farm shortly after Smarty Jones had arrived. His stall still had a name plate “Seattle Slew”! Breathtaking! It was a small group tour and they actually led Smarty out of his stall and I had my picture taken with him. What is astounding is the tour is free, one only needs to make prior arrangements due to obviously limited availability. Smarty has since been moved. What a great tour.

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Actually I think it is 100 proof which is 50% alcohol

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RichardDavenport you’re hanging with true Kentucky Blue Bloods

The area you’re going to “Horde Country” is absolutely beautiful not far from many of the original distillery’s

Not the upstarts true Kentucky storied Horse and Bourbon county


bobghawg - yes 100 Proof

I shouldn’t of used the % sign it was misleading - my shorthand didn’t work

What % Hog fan are you?

I admit with all that’s gone on I’m 100 proof myself

Hoping for better Things

I listened to Sterling on morning rush this morning and it broke my heart

Things like that make me 100 proof Hog Fan not %

We need some wins and healing in the Razorback community

Maybe some Bourbon and gender sticks will help

I did not mean to be offensive. Back in my drinking days I loved Bourbon.
As a Hog fan I was 100% disappointed in the last couple years, but feel our hogs will be back soon. I loved WMS and once upon a time the Hogs were sure hard to beat there. For several rasons this year will be exciting.

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It’s amazing what day trips are available in the Bluegrass

I was starting to May some wonderful day trips like you describe and then COVID hit

Luckly I have the farm and I love working my antique tractors cutting grass - now life will be perfect once Arkansas starts winning

Here I am “Half Lit” on my favorite antique tractor “Rusty” the Amazing 49 Ford 8N

I was watching these tractors work in the Arkansas River Valley when Arkansas was winning - like 1964 winning -

Takes me back to great days in Arkansas football

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Love that Ford tractor. In the 70’s we had a small hay farm on Hwy 270 the Jefferson/Grant County line. We had a Ford 8N tractor that did not have a “live” PTO. I learned early on while bus hogging that you better start turning quick or slow down to a crawl or the momentum from the bush hog would run you through the fence. Those that have experience with dinky 8N tractors will understand. Is that a Ford 200 you’re driving. Love it for sure.

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Nice, interesting read UNTIL you added the coke. IMO adding coke to fine bourbon is akin to putting garlic powder on your T-bone steak. It can be nice in the proper place but some things are better left alone.And to add insult ti injury the carbonation in the soda is what promotes hangovers.Before your ears get red with agitation (If you anger easily which I don’t think is the case here) try a glass on the rocks or with water only. For many years I drank my bourbon with sprite until I changed to water. Of course, it’s always a matter of individual choice but I’m certainly glad I changed. My calorie intake appreciated it too. Bottoms Up and GHG!

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I loved the horse races. Gutsy horse, that Afleet Alex. We loved going to
Hot Springs for the Oaklawn race during our courting days while we were
young college students. At least, I was courting. My future wife was not of
that same mindset at the time. I was seriously in pursuit.
I enjoy Four Roses Single Barrel when I am in a sipping frame of mind.
I am looking forward to having some B&B tomorrow with my Davidoff
Anniversario No.2 while my son will be smoking an old standby, a Fuente
Gran Reserve.

I am getting antsy(hoping it is played) and excited for our opening game of football with Coach Sam Pittman leading the way. I am hoping our Hogs
can put 17-20 points on the board. We will probably need to be plus two
in turnovers for that to happen.

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I love this thread, thanks BlueGrass. My grandmother drank 1 drink every night, Seagrams 7 crown and 7up; otherwise a good Morman. Her name was Hazel. Today, my wife and I call that drink a Hazel; and toast her every time we have one. We love it.


Ford 8N. I have a poster of one over my desk. They had it at my Ford Dealer. I told them I would buy the F150 if they through in that poster.

In the years since, I have drove all sorts of tractors. The newer ones are crazy nice, but I will always love that 8N. That is how I learned to drive on one in every hay meadow in Fourche Valley. It seems everybody had one. I started using one to rake hay when I was 8 or so and stayed with it into college. Many a mile for sure! Never had a live PTO until we finally got a new Ford WorkMaster. It was red and had a diesel engine. Boy was that uptown!

Thanks for the picture and memories.

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My grandfather (a longtime Chevy dealer) had a tractor that looked like that. I expect it was that model.

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