Bluegrass Bourbon and Tex A&M Game

So what Bourbon do you drink on the Texas frontier?

Well Its either 4 Roses symbolic of the the Yellow Rose of Texas (spit) but thankfully RED Roses for the Razorbacks

or its Bullet Frontier Bourbon which has a lot of “orange” (gag) Zest in its production

Amazingly both produced by the same distillery

Bullet Frontier Bourbon has this review that follows:

“When it comes to value for money it’s hard to beat Bulleit and overall I think it’s a fine bourbon filled with great aromas and flavors. It’s good neat, holds up on the rocks and gives a spicy rye kick to any bourbon based cocktails you make with it making it a great bourbon for bartenders and in-home drinkers alike.”

Four Roses: with this review by the same reviewer:

“There is a refined balance to Four Roses Yellow that surprises and delights every time I pour a glass. It’s hard to believe that this is their cheap entry level bourbon, but it speaks volumes about why the brand is getting all of the well deserved attention it’s picked up lately from critics and consumer’s alike. I’ve said it once before and I’ll continue to say it for the foreseeable future. Four Roses makes damn good bourbon.”

Now what to sip at the tex A&M game?

I think you start with a load of good Bullit’s for the Frontier shoot out at College Station and finish with Four Roses to at the Aggie Cowboy burial

I expect this game will follow as it has in the past a shootout maybe going into Over Time - now who do we shoot and bury first?

The Aggies or the SEC Officials?

Since the toad at birmingham is a long shot I suggest we follow the Army target priority guidelines and shoot the closest most dangerous threat first and that is the Aggies

So here is a toast to an Arkansas Razorback Victory and a burial of the Aggie streak this Halloween in College Station

May we Arkansas fans Have a sip in Celebration not medication - as our Fighting Razorbacks bury tex A&M - Go Hogs Go!


You can’t go wrong with either. I prefer Four Roses Single barrel (makes the best whiskey sour), and also Bulleit rye over the standard but regardless they are both fantastic. GO HOGS!

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Back in my youth late fifties Four Roses was rotgut whisky, really BAD.


I don’t want Texas stuff. I’ll bring my own.


You always have Wild Turkey Longbranch

Longbranch is a collaboration of Wild Turkey’s creative director Matthew McConaughey and master distiller Eddie Russell. The company says it was “inspired by McConaughey’s Kentucky and Texas roots, this rare small-batch Kentucky bourbon is refined with Texas Mesquite and oak charcoals – a unique method that deepens the flavor and complexity of the whiskey.” This is the first time Wild Turkey has released a product that features a signature of someone other than the master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

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Bulleit makes a pretty good Old-Fashioned

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I hope you get an opportunity to sip some of that Arkansas Razorback Bourbon Clay

An Arkansas win against the Aggies will signal not only am Arkansas turn around but a Razorback Renaissance

It will get attention across the nation and no doubt Arkansas will be ranked

Trying not to get my expectations too high

I just doNt see the Razorback oline protecting our QB - I think that will be the difference

Hope I’m wrong

Go Hogs Go best the Aggie’s

Not a rye fan most the time but yeas Four Roses single barrel is good - I like it but like another poster has posted in the 70’s it was considered rot gut

Since the Japanese took over they have resurrected the old mash bill and process that made four roses special - I’m glad they did

That was true in the 70’s

After the Japanese took over they returned the brand to its original mash bill and processing - and its a good bourbon now espoused the single barrel

According to folks that know Mike Neighbors he’s quite the Whiskey collector. Apparently moving from Washington to Fayetteville caused some issues getting that collection moved. However it worked out.

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Ow sounds like there are some stories to be told here

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