Blue Shirt eligibility ?

We have currently signed 3 blue shirts.

The will enroll for the 2018 fall semester and go on scholarship in January.

They will count against the 2018 recruiting class.

Do they count against the 85 or 105 limit? I assume since they are like walk on’s they count against the 105 this fall and against the 85 after January? If they went on scholarship this fall, they would count against the 85?

Assuming they aren’t playing this fall, does the eligibility clock start this fall IE they have 5 years to play 4? Will 2018 be the red shirt season?


Here’s what I know. The blue shirts can play this season if the coaching staff deem them worthy.

If they don’t play, they will then have four to play four.

If they do, they will have four to play three.

Count against the 85 when they are put on scholarship - be it the first day of class or in Dec/Jan.

Count against the 105 if they are brought in for first practice in August or are added in if somebody gets hurt.

Dudley, changing shirt colors, did they pass the rule that would allow players to play in up to four games and still be redshirted? If so or if they do, who would you expect that would affect the most in the coming season or can anyone even make an intelligent guess in February?

Right now it is a coaches proposal as is the 10th coach and the December signing date.

All three are expected to be approved by the NCAA, but I think that comes in April.

The 10th coach proposal may not be enforced until Jan. 2018 per Coach B

Thanks for your work, and enjoy the Super Bowl!

Here is NCAA rule

Non recruited Student-Athlete Receiving Institutional Financial Aid.

A student-athlete not recruited (per Bylaw 15.02.8) by the institution who receives institutional financial aid (based in any degree on athletics ability) after beginning football practice becomes a counter but need not be counted as an initial counter until the next academic year if the institution has reached its initial limit for the year in question. However, the student-athlete shall be considered in the total counter limit for the academic year in which the aid was first received