Blue Saturday

Who ya rootin for? Not much to like here. Nova least dispicable of the bunch, IMHO.

I’ll be watching baseball tonight. Not interested in the hoops activity.


I’ll be switching back and forth. Been watching Final Fours long before our program was relevant. Can’t stop now. NCAA tournament is still my favorite sporting event.

The real question to ask who cares! I will be watching our hogs on the baseball diamond.

I don’t really care, but wouldn’t mind if Villanova knocks off the cheating Selfs.

My grandson just asked me who I was rooting for. I said “no one, I don’t care”.

I wish they could all lose. I don’t think there are any Boy Scout types coaching in these four, so I’ll go with Kansas. Maybe a little assist from Dorothy.

I’ll be watching Baseball on Laptop,BB game on TV

As hard as it is to type this, I am gonna be pulling for Duke.

If Arkansas loses to someone in the NCAA tournament then I want them to win the whole darn thing. That way I know that at least it took a National Champion to be us. That may not be a good reason, but its my reason.


There would be the same level of disdain among fans of teams not in the Final Four toward the teams if the schools in New Orleans were Baylor, Houston, Arkansas, and Michigan. Or any other random four teams you choose. Kentucky fans are totally disinterested according to them, same with Auburn and Tennessee fans. Fans suddenly get way more interested if their own team is in it. I can tell you who is very happy with this matchup, the TV network folks, CBS and TBS. Should be really good ratings for this year’s Final Four, all really recognizable brand names

I’m with you.

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I’ve rooted for Nova In the NCAA tournament the last 10 or 15 years when the Hogs weren’t in it. Great program with a great coach who wins big without a plethora of NBA lottery picks. Unfortunately he probably doesn’t have much of a chance against Kansas after losing Moore. If he does come back and win this game, Jay Wright will prove he’s the best coach in the final four.

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Dang Tenn with 66 HR’S! How many we have??

welp, kansas is in championship game

sure gonna be awkward for Mr. Emmert if he has to hand over a championship trophy to a guy who’s hoops program has FIVE Level I allegations against it, along with a Lack of Institutional Control allegation, lol :rofl: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Emmert is crapping his pants right now hoping Kansas loses. I read the transcripts today between Self and his Adidas cronies…very damning. It’s basically the same braintrust that bought Perry away from us.

We will see if the NCAA has the stones to go after “Teflon Bill” like they did a wannabe like SAO. One thing is clear to me, Self basically did the same things Wade did, and it was out of pure paranoia…he didn’t think he could keep recruiting with the other big dogs without cheating.

Why in the world would you ever have to cheat in basketball at Kansas? LSU, I get, but Kansas…c’mon, man.

Been watchin’ the Bases…I’m starting to believe this team may be as good as last year which is saying a lot…not gonna pull for Kansas or Duke, looks like I’m left w the Tar Heels. I’ll be watchin’ Monday night.

Well there is still the possibility of none of the above. What if Kansas wins and then has to vacate the title? That would be a beautiful thing.

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Ha, yeah that would be FUN. I’ll root for that if it happens that the JayHawks win. :sunglasses:

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The NCAA should have already acted years ago and Self should be in a soup line somewhere. You don’t here any announcers pumping up Will Wade anymore! The same can happen to Self soon too. Pearl at Auburn should be pretty nervous. Of course he has Auburn on the line for a paycheck with that lifetime contract. The whole landscape of college basketball is a mess. Coaches are getting paid stupid money! Football coaches get fired and paid to leave. Heck sign me up for some of that.
I don’t have a dog in the fight and could care less about TV ratings or the final 4.
If there’s not a Hog playing in the game I could care less.
The hogs played softball and baseball today and I watched. There’s where my attention is spent! I’m a Hog fan born and raised. WPS!!! Go Hogs!!


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