Blocking rule

There was a question a few weeks back about the illegal blind side block and whether the extension of it would impact trap blocks. I asked an expert on SEC officiating at the game. Meant to post it, but it’s been hectic since Saturday.

Inside the pit – the area between the tackles – trap blocks are allowed. That’s a “blocking free zone” where you can’t be called for a clip or a blind side block. About anything goes except hands to the face by either side or chop blocks.

I personally do not like the new blind side rule,but understand why it exists. In my day, your hands had to be within three inches of your chest or it was illegal use of hands and a penalty.
but time has changed virtually everything.

The ability to hold has changed the game. Defenses have no advantages. I guess we don’t want 10-7 games.

I agree. 7 on 7 is the future.

I was talking about the final scores. But your point is valid.

I thought Alabama was the only one allowed to hold.

Well, Bama was allowed before it was really allowed.