Blocked kicks and kick/punt returns…

I sure wish that occasionally, maybe once every 2-3 years, we could block a kick (of any kind) or return a punt. I will except out kickoff returns because there are not as many returnable kicks today. But it seems like blocked kicks/punts are always executed against Arkansas, but we never get any. Kicking game points are just huge.

Very happy with Cincinnati win, however. We have a good team.

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Punt return TD: Nathan Parodi vs UAPB last year.

Blocked punt: Jake Yurachek vs Texas last year.

Selective memory, huh?

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He didn’t block it, but Bumper Pool broke through on Cincy’s first field goal attempt, the chip shot. I wondered if it made the kicker rush a little bit.

Yes. I overlooked those on purpose. You are vastly smarter than me. Congrats. Hope I made your day.

I should’ve recalled the Yurachek block. But you’ll forgive me if I forget a punt return against UAPB. We shouldn’t have been playing UAPB.

Edit: And, BTW, that Yurachek block had the benefit of the UT punter fumbling the ball first before he tried to kick it. Yes, he blocked it. But it was a layup. Not sure I really count it either. Florida State just blocked an LSU field goal. When was the last time we did something like that?

South Carolina had success and will be confident they can block a punt or field goal. Our special teams will prepare. They really have to execute.

Big Dan Skipper was a noted FG blocker. Without penetrating the LOS much or if any.

Carlos Hall blocked a couple I think and Caver did also I believe

Wasn’t Hall the guy that blocked the SC FG in LR? Lou had warned about that, but he got it anyhow and sealed a big win for The Hogs.

I’m pretty sure it was Hall. I was there and still remember the crowd erupting.


Thomas Crowder (began his career as a walk on) during the HDN era and
blocked a couple kicks. He was from Sheridan, I think.

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Yes Hall was the one who got that one.

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I too hope for some real punt return threats if not great special teams.

I agree. Would love to see giant leaps in return game. Seemed a lot of missed blocking assignments as well and some of our kids not going full speed.


I am more concerned about us getting another one blocked very soon. Cincy was not going for a block and they had up to four guys who seemed unblocked and luckily were not really rushing for a block. I was surprised they did not try later. I think our Aussie kicker has the ability to react to a rush and either go sideways or kick quick when needed so maybe they are willing to take that chance to better cover the punt return. With our better depth at linebacker and in the secondary this year, I expected our kick coverage and return blocking people to be much more effective. No sign of that so far.

I thought that I remembered Crowder as a gunner on punts.

He might have been. He was on all special teams as I recall.

He was a valuable player on some successful teams.

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I remember Crowder blocking a punt against UK and recovering it in in the end zone.

He had other big plays too.

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