Blindside block

That may be technically the right call but it sure looked like Johnson coming towards the tackler.


It looked to me like the defender had already turned and took 2 or 3 steps and the blocker was in the field of vision. Not a quick turn and in your face like these can be.

Also he just got his body in front of him - didn’t take a high shot.

The rules maker’s really need to decide if we are going to play real football or not.


its just the wussyball we play today,back in the day that was celebrated in the locker room but its a nono today…smh

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Pretty much my same thoughts, if the intent is player safety, the ferocity that the Aggie defender shoved KJ out of bounds and injuring him was visibly more egregious than the blindside block. Not saying they should have flagged him, because I think football is still a contact sport, but kind of highlights, in my opinion, that some of these penalties are there to allow some manipulation/control over the outcomes by the ruling parties.


Agree Keith…

How’s it a blindside if you hit him in the chest and you’re between him and the guy he’s running after.

The rules makers want that hit out of the game. The player turns but has no way to avoid the hit. Dangerous and it’s not allowed. It is by definition (in the new way the rule is written) a blind side hit. He comes from the blind side and when the defender turns has no chance to avoid the hit.

That’s not what happened on that play.he was hit in the chest after running in a straight line for 5 yards. Maybe he was blind and not paying attention but it wasn’t blindside…. Unless that can be directly in front of you. Again, he was hit in the chest. And the rule is designed for change if direction. This wasn’t. It was a defender going up field the whole time.


I agree with eliminating targeting, the crackbacks, and the outside in Whammos (basically a crackback but waiting a half-second till the guy turns), but this is just a bad rule. That was a clean hit. The defender has to bear a little of the responsibility to be aware of his surroundings in the open field.

Bad rule or not, it’s a rule and you can’t do that. Both teams got some really sloppy penalties, including TJ tripping over a punt blocker and getting fair catch interference. You can’t give them the chance to make those calls.

I thought the hit was to the players chest! It may fit but what are you suppose to do just let the defense tackle your QB or others offensive players.

That’s a penalty. The defender turns and is hit. He has no way to avoid the hit. The rule changed last year to penalize that play.

I think you mean” he turns, runs several strides in a straight line , then receives a beautiful block. That was clean. It was only a “blindside” block , if he doesn’t have a right eyeball. And something covers the inner half of his left eyeball. Lordy, how many strides does he have to take for you to say he has “ no way to avoid the block”.



I agree. If he didn’t have the football awareness to perceive what was coming, he should find a different game to play.


End football then

Right wrong indifferent or whining. Call it what you want. I loved the play.
You’re on a football field.
If you’re trying to tackle one of our guys you better have both eyes open at all times.

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Football is a contact sport. That was less vicious than the hard(unnecessarily)shove on KJ that caused his injury.

Basketball is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport.

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I just can’t seem to figure out if you hit or block a player in the number in the front it’s a blindside block! That block yesterday sure looked like a good block to me. Heck just play 2 hand touch!