Blind resume time

Which team would you prefer to watch/be a fan of entering the Big Dance?

Team A
76 possessions per game
86 points a game
Has the national leader in scoring and assists

Team B
59 possessions per game
67 points per game
Leading scorer is not in the national top 250

For me it would be an easy choice, if we were not going dancing ourselves.

Let’s see what you kids think.

B, they play def

Just a wild guess, team A is Oklahoma and team B is Virgina. Team A has a lot of work to be done, team B is a 1 seed. The extreme different styles have always been one of the real joys of March Madness.


I would rather play B! But I would rather be team A. Just because you average more possessions doesn’t mean you don’t play defense.

Correct on both counts.

Gashog would die of boredom as a Wahoos fan, but as the old wise man said (no, not me), it ain’t how, it’s how many. And UVa has bored people to death for 28 wins so far. I’d take some of that.

No, Army, you wouldn’t rather be Team A. Unless you like NIT games in mid-March. And you wouldn’t rather play Team B either.

Wow, just wow. I just looked up VA vs AR national rankings (VA national avg first, 351 teams, look at FTA per game, last thing listed)

PPG. 314. - 29
RPG 313. - 195
APG 171. - 88
SPG 103. - 157
BPG 98. - 32
FG% 106. - 31
FT% 40. - 307
3PT% 30. - 13
FTA. 351 - 53

Virginia has been very good in the ACC for the past few years and then gone into the NCAAs and flopped. Strong defensively poor offensely…has that changed this year? Believe they have two very good guards that play strong defense and provide offense

Their offensive efficiency according to Pomeroy is 39th in the country. They don’t score a lot of points because they’re so deliberate, but they optimize the possessions they have.

Swine the only way our players would learn to value a possession would be to play Virginia. They are hard to watch at times because they slow it down so much but it’s effective. Winning is what’s it’s all about.