Blind Resume time

Guys this is some of what the committee will look at this year:

Record (conf rec), H, N, A, Quadrant Wins (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), NET, RPI. There are some other things. I have AR on here as a comparison, they are currently in the Next Four Out (NFO) in bracketology (Lunardi)

NFO Arkansas - 14-8 (5-4), H (10-4), N (1-1), A (3-3), Q1 (1-5), Q2 (2-1), Q3 (7-2), Q4 (4-0), Net #60, RPI #59
Team A: 14-9 (5-5), H (10-3), N (1-2), A (3-4), Q1 (1-5), Q2 (3-4), Q3 (5-0), Q4 (5-0), Net #64, RPI #65
Team B: - 14-8 (4-5), H (10-2) , N (2-2), A (2-4), Q1 (0-6), Q2 (3-2), Q3 (5-0), Q4 (6-0), Net #46, RPI #54
Team C: 15-8 (5-5), H (10-4), N (1-1), A (4-3), Q1 (2-3), Q2 (4-3), Q3 (2-2), Q4 (7-0), Net #73, RPI #76
Team D: 15-7 (5-6), H (10-4), N (1-0), A (4-3), Q1 (3-5), Q2 (2-2), Q3 (5-0), Q4 (5-0), Net #35, RPI #48
Team E: - 15-8 (3-7), H (8-3), N (3-1), A (4-4), Q1 (3-6), Q2 (4-2), Q3 (8-0), Q4 (0-0), Net #37, RPI #27

2 teams are projected in the field, and two teams (counting AR) are in the NFO. We actually have 3 (possibly 4) Q1 left, 5 (possibly 4) Q2 left, and a Q3 left.

Without looking, who would you have in?

Bake really think the hogs can’t afford another bad loss. To me that means S. Carolina, Missouri, Texas A&M and Vandy should be considered must wins.
Then comes it comes down to the resume games
Miss ST at home
Auburn on the road
Kentucky on the road
Ole Miss at home
Alabama at home.
If I could pick and choose the games that would benefit the most I’d be willing to think beating Miss ST, Ole Miss and Alabama would help the most. Those are the teams we will be competing with to get an at large bid. I think the hogs could beat Auburn but I don’t consider the Kentucky game winnable. The refs won’t allow the hogs or any other team in the conference to beat the wildcats! Maybe the calls will be somewhat fair in the Tennessee game since they are both in the running for a 1 seed in the dance.

At this point you could make a case for all of those teams. It just gets old every year for the hogs to be on the outside looking in this time of year.

Team D and E but we have chance to help ourselves with our schedule. I agree Army, every year it’s the same lack of relevance and no shot at 2nd weekend.

AR - L
Team B - W
Team C - L
Team E - L

A, B, D haven’t played yet.