Blew that onep

Cronin asked to pitch too many innings. We can’t touch their reliever. Disappointing loss. Second game in a row knight has been up in the zone. Used two best pitchers and come out w a loss. Baseball is a game of second guessing and you can sure second guess the pitching decisions in this game. Must win both games tomorrow.

Cronin was asked to pitch one more out than he has been in the past. He has at least two three-inning saves this year, maybe more. He was asked to get 10 outs last night. I thought he might do it after the way he pitched against the first four batters, then he quit elevating his fastball against the top of the order.

That distance is only too long if you lose.

It would have been fine - as Matt pointed out - if they had won.

It puts the hogs in a bad spot today If Cronin can’t go today. It was just a little weird to me for Van Horn to go to Cronin that early! I thought Jake would have thrown first.

Are you saying Knight should not have pitched yesterday?

Too many Monday morning quarterbacks.