Blew my knee out again

ACL reconstruction soon. Same knee I blew up 2 years ago. Unreal. Had a ACL repair/ reattachment last time, apparently those don’t work. Sooo there is that.

Prayers for a full and swift recovery.


Praying for you Gas I know that’s not going to be fun

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You got this Gas! Rehab,rehab rehab and then better than before

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Sorry to hear that Gas - unfortunate, especially during summer! Your rehab will be a piece of cake if you just stay focused on the fact that both the football and BB teams upcoming seasons are going to be fantastic!

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Gas….sometimes we get too old to slam one through the hoop. Seriously, prayers for a good recovery.

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Prayers for a speedy recover Gas……got to be frustrating having this happen just 2 years after last one on same knee! Stay strong and keep your head up during your rehab!!!

So sorry for you Gas! Hang in there

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Crap, that does not seem right, Gas.

Hate for you to be going through that again.

Sorry to hear that Gas! I hope and pray you are able to get it fixed and it holds this time. Take your time with rehab.

Yeah, but I seem to get a lot of that.

I’m wishing you a quick recovery.

I tore the ACL in my left knee around 1990. I limped around for 6-9 months. We didn’t have health insurance so I walked it off. I have lived without an ACL since that day. My son’s ortho dr in Little Rock did an MRI on my knee a couple years ago. He said “your ACL is completely gone”. Good luck with the surgery.

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My daughter just went through this at the age of 47 and has rebounded from the surgery quickly! Wishing the same quick recovery for you!!. WPS

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That’s the downside of having a 42 inch vertical Gas. You gotta learn to play below the rim, like I do!

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