Blayne Toll's parents

are celebrating their 25th anniversary in Jamaica. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit near there and Cuba.

They’re under a tsunami warning. Good thing is they’re on the third floor of the resort.

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yikes! Jamaica is all sandstone, so should be as safe as any of those islands. prayers sent.


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WOW. We went there in October. I was not a huge fan of Jamaica, like the Virgin Islands much better!

Prayers for everyone affected!

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Holy smokes…hope they are ok!

Just saw where the tsunami didn’t happen…thankfully.

Not a fan of Jamaica either.

Yeah, they seem to be relieved and going back to enjoying themselves.

I went to Jamaica many years ago as a graduation present. I saw a guy limbo under a pole sitting on top of 2 Red Stripe beer bottles which were about 5 feet apart. How is that for flexibility? I can barely limbo under an open door.


I did that once.

I assume you mean that you drank the 2 Red Stripes so the dude could limbo???



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