Blayne Toll

Anybody know if Blayne Toll has picked a new school yet? Don’t know why he left, but the eternal optimist in me hopes he will mature and come back. If his best position is ever determined, he could be a gem in a year or two. (But, of course I’ve never seen him practice or play…only know he had unusual physical strength at an early age.)

Blayne Toll is transferring to Colorado. Made the announcement in mid-March.

Thanks…I missed that. So, the rumor I heard that he was homesick was totally false. I wonder why Colorado…maybe he likes to ski.

Mark Smith, who was on the staff here while Morris was the coach, is on staff at Colorado. I still follow him on Twitter, and I’ve seen a couple of tweets about them being reunited there.

I wish I could transfer to Colorado. Jim, you got a guest house?

Based on past comments, I don’t think Jim wants anything to do with Boulder. :rofl:

Thanks…one possible explanation for the move

Jim does not think much different of the Colorado Buffs than I do of Texas Longhorns.

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Boulder and Austin are like two peas in a pod.

Yep…tea sipper U, 1 and two.

because CO is awesome. incredible weather, no humidity, no mosquitoes, progressive state, just a fantastic part of our wonderful country. Year round.


So you think Colorado has no skeeters? Some of the places I fish you must wear a face mask to get anywhere close to the river because of the skeeters. I know a skeeter when I see it and they sure have them in the Rocky Mountains. Gage and I were discussing this very thing last weekend when he was here. Worst place I ever saw skeeters were when I have fished the North Platte River. Where they have hay fields – and there are plenty of hay fields all over that state – there are skeeters. The thickest I’ve ever seen skeeters has been Colorado – and I’ve spent plenty of time in Arkansas County (in the DeWitt to Stuttgart areas).

I have a Columbia fishing hat with netting attached to the sweat band. You pull it down to your neck and then pull the draw string tight. Then you spray your hands (the only exposed part of your body) as you walk the 1,000 yards to the river. Miserable time if you pull that netting off before you get through the hay fields.

You irrigate anywhere in Colorado, you are going to have skeeters.

Having said that, I love going to that state. I love that dry air - when you are NOT in irrigated fields - in the mountains. Will go in a couple of weeks.


I just meant Colorado in general not the university specifically. I figured I’d start where Jim is in the summer and early fall and shadow him over to vail… I need to get my second lesson anyway.

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I have family in denver, when we head out, it’s to hike or to ski. I just don’t see skeeters where I go in CO.

The Wind River Range in WY has TONS of skeeters. Inyo National forest in CA has them, even on the glaciers.

But not on Mt massive or marroon bells or long’s peak or mummy range, etc.


So, progressive is good apparently :roll_eyes:. That’s as far as I can go without getting banned for being political.

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What is the definition of Boulder, Colorado or Austin, Texas?

40 square miles surrounded by reality.

didn’t mean to offend. I meant “progressive” in the 1980’s sense of the word, not the current version of the word.

folks there tend to be young and energetic, businesses are creative and fun. I should have used a different word, sorry about that. “progressive” is another word that has just been completely altered in recent years.


My now deceased brother-in-law was born in Parry Sound, Canada and, after he made his fortune in the states, he went back and bought an island with a cabin on it. This is the Georgian Bay of Lake Ontario and there are thousands of islands. His wasn’t too shabby with two houses and about eight bedrooms. On my first visit, I took a canoe and went fishing. They warned me to get back well before sunset because of the mosquitoes. I told them we had huge mosquitoes in Arkansas, that I thought I would be OK, and they just laughed. The water was so clear that I spotted a school of Crappie looking fish all clustered at about 6’ below the surface. They acted like they had never been fished as I slid over them and dropped a jig down in front of them. They ignored it until I bumped one of them in the nose and he attacked it. I reeled him in and assumed that bunch was long gone, but they all, minus one, came right back. I got ten before the final two left the scene. I got back to their dock and started cleaning those fish just as the sun set. I heard this low pitched loud buzzing sound, looked up, and there was a solid dark cloud of mosquitoes headed my way. When they hit, I could not breath without getting them in my nose. I swiped them off my arm and they filled back in as soon as I swiped. I litterally could see how you could be driven mad by insects. I threw my half cleaned catch into the ice chest, ran for the house, and my inlaws all were inside the screened porch laughing at me. It was a humbling experience. Beautiful place to be during the daytime but not so much at night.

Yes it depends on where you go in Colorado but the meadows (where trout streams roll) have skeeters and lots of them. There are some really nice alpine areas without many but you get into the beaver ponds, etc., and you will find them. I take bug dope with me.

Yes at dusk in Ontario are the worst skeeters I’ve ever seen. Add black flies and Buffalo gnats and it can b miserable. Btw, amber romance perfume will keep Buffalo gnats away. Lots carry it in their golf bag.