Blayne Toll

Maybe I’ve missed the news about him, but has he played at all. I really thought he would be one that saw a lot of playing time because of the hype leading to his signing.

What’s the story on him? I thought him to one of our better signings.

Toll only turned 17 in Dec, before enrolling in Jan. 2020. I think people are expecting too much of Toll for now.

Toll Bio
Blayne Toll | Arkansas Razorbacks

Toll was a DE, then a TE, then a DE, now a ?

He played early on special teams. Didn’t see him at all Saturday, so he might have been a Covid casualty.

Needs a little more physicality. He was a QB in high school. He will get there as a DE in time.


Blayne should probably spend some extra time at Craig’s and the pie shop when he goes home for the holidays.


Mrs. Mary Thomas was an Arkansas treasure making world class pies in DeValls bluff.

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Yes, and she taught her granddaughter well. Ms Mary is gone, R.I.P., but her pies live on!


That’s what I figured, he’s young but a great prospect, just give him time. Kind of amusing, though, that the (Hazen) Hulk is not physical enough for us. We ARE getting good. Seriously, I think the physicality of Henry was a similar issue last year, he rarely got on the field, but he looked great this year when he was not injured.

A Petrino story I remember vividly: we offered Knile Davis early. He had been hurt much of his sophomore or junior year in HS, had 4-star credentials for the other year, and then after a UA commitment got hurt his senior year. No one saw him his senior year to try and woo him away. He didn’t have an 18th birthday until he was on campus playing for the Hogs. Yet, he looked the part.

So many of those 5-star Greek Gods that sign with the big boys have been ready for college ball (or so it seems) since they were a sophomore in HS. The 5-star guys almost always are identified early in the recruiting game. Sometimes, it is the kid who matures late, gets a starting gig late, or simply “gets it” late that becomes the better recruit. Injuries play into that also.

Remember DeQuinta Jones out of Bastrop, LA? Committed to Michigan early in the spring/summer before his senior year. He was listed on one recruiting service as 6-2x265, or so. UA pursued him hard and he “blew up” to 6-5x305 when he visited UA. LSU had already filled their DL slots and didn’t want to drop a player to try and sign him. Late development.

I keep telling my son he has that in his genes. He was always a good, but not great, baseball player who was about the same size as everybody else. I’m 6-3 (or was before age began working its magic) and my wife’s twin is 6-6. He has my BIL’s frame but is still growing in large spurts as a sophomore in HS. He’s already taller than me (and everyone on the HS baseball team). I told him I was 5-6 at the end of my JR year in HS, and started the next year as a 6-footer. Didn’t get to 6-3 until my sophomore year at UA. Late development means my son barely shaves while there are kids in his class who have full beards.

His pitching coach said to always shave before a tournament last summer. Scouts would notice his height and lack of facial hair and realize he is still growing.

The Lindsey clan (Jim, Lyndy and Jack) have all developed late as far as size and strength. They are all late bloomers. You just never know when development is going to hit.

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Of course the classic late bloomer story (different sport) is Scottie Pippen. From 6-1 UCA jock-washer to 6-8 Hall of Famer with six rings,

So you are saying that there is hope yet for this 68 year old?

I’m 70. Judging by me, there’s no hope :joy:.

Nope. I am 72 and it keeps going down hill and at a faster pace each year.

Gee thanks, I was hoping to be a late bloomer, but obviously I am just in an advanced stage of wilting.

You guys are just in the “late” category.

We are in the “too late” category Clay.

It’s Thanksgiving! You young kids quit complaining 'till you get as old as me. Hope that all of you had a great day, ate good food ‘till your bellies’ hurt, and realized that we all have much for which to be thankful.

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