Blayne Toll & Vernon Broughton

As Dudley stated, things are looking pretty good for Arkansas here. I think you’ll hear something fairly soon.

Heard promising things on Vernon after his OV and continue to hear the same today. His mom loves Arkansas.

Things can change but I think Arkansas will go two for two here.

Wow, that is huge! We are for sure going to get accused of cheating if we land Vernon lol

Broughton would be a game changer in Houston area

As always, subject to change, but that’s what I see now.

I believe this would be categorized as a Davenport Dime Drop! Senor Davenport hitting the recruiting game with a Hadoken!

Wow, that’s crazy.

When I start to worry the staff consistently delivers

If correct RD, you will blow away 247’s predictors.

Those predictions all came before his visit to Arkansas technically

I am hearing the same things as Richard and I see that some folks on the national sites are making the shift and picking Arkansas as the favorite for Blayne.

One thing I would say is that while Blayne was understandably a little miffed at the home team not offering first, Arkansas’ coaches have done a wonderful job in letting him know how big a target he is and how wanted he is.

And the kid has been a long-time Razorback fan, which never hurts.

I didn’t clarify very well, talking about Broughton.

Broughton is an absolute beast and the kind of DT we HAVE to get to ever be great on the DL. I know Toll has some very good offers but not quite sure what to think of him,he shows potential but not quite the dominance I would think that would be a factoe right away but would love to have him b/c the loves the Hogs and like I said he has great potential! come on guys WPS!!

I noticed that both Rivals and ESPN have him ranked as a top 100 DE (#60 and #79 respectively), not as a DT. I would think SDE might be the best spot for him, especially if the 6’6" - 280 measurement is correct.

yeah maybe so.either way he is abeast!!

For those who have seen Toll play. Do you feel he has the speed and quickness to be a effective DE?

I have not seen him play a high school game, but have seen him in camp and on tape.

I believe he does and apparently so does several coaches.

I don’t think he will be a speedy pass rusher like Williams and Soli from last class. But he can definitely be a good run stopper/bull rush type DE.

Changing my tune on Broughton right now.

Maybe there can be swing back towards Arkansas. We’ll see.

You think we can get him back to campus?

Probably not. Hearing he wants to make a decision fairly soon.

Anything is possible though.