Blayne Toll transferring again

Already in the portal at Colorado. He’s got to sit out a year if he goes to an FBS school since he already used his free transfer. He was playing some at CU but not enough, I guess.

That was quick.

We might have dodged a bullet. Kid might be someone who can’t be happy

I would never go to University of Colorado. Not my kind of place. Did not seem right for Toll at the time. Ask Jim Daniel.

Yes, I like Colorado. But not that particular place. Very different.

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My great niece has a basketball offer from Colorado. Thankfully she has 30 other offers to choose from. I hope she goes elsewhere. Boulder is not my kind of town.


I know neither Toll or the young lady, but would never wish CU and specifically Boulder on anybody, especially someone from AR or any decent place. There is a reason they have so many students from CA. Sounds like she has 29 other choices. Any would be better.


I knew what Jim would say. He and I have discussed Boulder at length.

I spent three weeks in Boulder (at CU) in the early 80’s. I thought it was a very nice place.

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I visited Boulder during the early summer. School was out, so maybe I didn’t get the full experience. Seemed alright to me. I remember the cottonwood seeds were everywhere. Drifts of them, like snow.

The thing that struck me as odd was the urban prairie dogs. I could not understand why you’d give rodents, native or not, some kind of protected status. They carry the black plague, for crying out loud.

Colorado, in general, is not for me. They get far more winter than I care for, which is none.

The prairie dogs is a good example (they are rats, not dogs and do all sorts of damage as well as carry disease). A couple of years ago, some set up shop in a Little League baseball field. The good people of Boulder decided to let the ground rats have the baseball field and let the kids do without their baseball. Makes all sorts of sense.

I should go into the great knappweed escapade, but guess I will stop. Maybe in the slow summer if anybody cares which I doubt.

Anyway, Boulder is in a very nice setting that is not the place for normal people. I can’t imagine someone from Eastern AR being happy there.

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Like I said, it was for 3 weeks. I was taking a 3-week course at CU in August. The weather was beautiful (highs in the low 80’s as I recall) & on the weekends I went with other students into the mountains, floated the Arkansas River, etc. Obviously, I can’t attest much to the culture or whether I’d like living there year-round, but I really enjoyed those 3 weeks.

He needs to head to ASU or UCA, I wish Blaine well were ever he goes.

I don’t know about Boulder; never been there. But I love Colorado! Just got back from a week in the San Juans. I think I’ve been to either that area or the Steamboat area 9 of the past 10 years.

I’ve been trying to follow Blaine. I know some folks from Hazen that speak highly of him as a person. Wish him the best in finding the right place.

I’ve always said Boulder is not Colorado (my 22nd year here). But it’s changing here more and more. More California moving in by the day.

Boulder is beautiful and a uniquely fun place to go watch a game. But the people…holy moly are they delusional. I know a lot of CU grads that I hang out with who are pretty normal, but they have a high percentage of students and professors that think very differently than me and my family (nicest way I can put it). I’ve been at events where I meet some of them and just turn and walk away because I know it’s not going to go well.

My best friend has lived about 15 miles from the Univ of Colorado for the past 40 years. He’s originally from Oklahoma but graduated from the U of A.

He has in-laws that live in Boulder but they are normal outdoorsy folk to me.

I visit Colorado a lot and have hiked, biked, and camped about everywhere (except State Forest State Park… the Moose park).

The only complaint I ever heard him make about Californians was driving up the cost of real estate in the Denver area.

But none of us are into politics so I guess that matters.

I’ve never been to Boulder, are these all thinly veiled ways of saying the town is too liberal for you?

Berkley of The Rockies without the higly rated academics. This is not John Bad Dude Stearn’s CU.

That fits Boulder perfectly with all their California clans, beautiful country though. One of my nephews got his undergraduate degree there before he returned home to Tennessee and went to Vandy for his Law Degree.

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