Blayne Toll is announcing

at noon tomorrow.

I see Arkansas here.

Sweet, we need a little momentum before this dead period. Especially with the loss of Broughton.

Do you think we have legitimate chance with Omari Thomas? We desperately need a big, big time guy.

I do. Will he end upon the Hill? Obviously can’t say that.

I gonna say if Arkansas fails on Vernon Broughton, Omari Thomas is plan B.

That’s fine with me, they are pretty similar players.

I like them both and wish we would land 1 of them, but we aren’t going to get Broughton, so we need to push hard for Omari.

I really wish Blayne Toll had an identical twin. As much as we need him at DE, I think he could eventually be a stellar TE…we need at least one more TE.

Never know. I could see him getting moved to TE.

Does he have those great, soft hands like Hunter Henry? If so, yes move him. But if he doesn’t have good hands then he can use those mitts to pound on the quarterback.

No, but very few do. I think long term he’s a DE or grows into a DT. But might be asked to play TE as a freshman