Blayne Toll becomes 10th commitment

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Good news for a nice change.

Welcome Blayne, we’re very glad to have you on board.


Awesome! we needed that!! hope the big guy can come in an play to his potential…WPS!!

Don’t dismiss the magnitude of this kid committing to us. We needed him as bad as CCM needed him to commit. It could’ve really hurt our class and other players coming. Well done to them.

Indeed a big pickup both for the player and the perception

Kinda hope they play him at LB , dudes a serious athlete.

Good point. We need linebackers for sure…

not sure which is bigger.

This kid has the size and talent to be a very good player. I hope he has the mind-set to make it happen.

It’s nice we haven’t had to leave the state to get some great ends in this class.

He ran a 4.88, he needs to be at SSE.


4.82 … t-strother

5.03 … oah-sewell

And your point is, to point out slow LB’s?

Point is LBs with Power 5 offers and one being a 4-star and top 100 recruit have times like his or worse. If you want to judge just off one 40 time go ahead.

I think Toll will start at SDE. Would love to see Stewart at LB though

Show me a better 40 time by him, it’s the only one to go off of that I’ve seen. I seem to remember hearing, “you either have speed, or you’re chasing it.” Have either of those guys committed to those offers, I didn’t notice if they had.

Noah is 6’2” 266 in the profile I read.

Needed this one for a number of reasons. No, right now he is not a blazer. He is a football player and an athlete. Also, he is 17. He will gain speed. The kid can play.

Look at his offer list. He is also listed as 4 star plus. Had to have him.

I agree with all of that, I just think he’s better suited as a SSE over ILB. They’ll start figuring out where to put him next January.

Kids running 40s much like sprinters running the 100. Some days you have it and some you don’t.

FWIW, I agree with you, Toll will play DE. I just don’t see him at LB