Blast from the Past

Bad Move!

The White Sox play the Rangers tonight.

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I cringe every time someone mentions this game.

I was actually in the stands…with very good seats down the first base line…with my wife, son and his friend. We went specifically so the boys (7 at the time) could say they saw Nolan pitch. And we took the camera to the game to get shots of the experience.

However - as is the duty of most Dads - I was tasked with going to the concession stand 3 or 4 times during the game. You guessed it - I was under the stands, in line for drinks or whatever - when this fracas happened. I heard the commotion and looked up at the TV screen to see it.

When I got back, I asked my wife how many pictures she got of it. She looked at me like I had 3 heads and said “why would I want to take pictures of that?”.

The folks at work knew I was going to take my son to see Nolan pitch, so I probably had a half-dozen people come into my office the next day to hear my account of the fight.



Can’t believe Ryan didn’t break his right hand. Looks like he got in 6 shots to Ventura’s head.

I heard someone ask once if Ventura ever apologized for bruising Ryan’s hand.


After getting hammered by Nolan Robin might have wished Batman would show up to help!

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I forgot who was the next batter after Ventura. Wondered if he thought- wow thanks Robin now I’m gonna get high heat just under my chin from a PO’d Nolan!

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Most likely wasn’t crowding the plate. :sunglasses:

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