Blast from the past

It rained today in eastern NC, as expected. Unexpectedly, I actually looked at the forecast before I left home, knew what the forecast was, and brought my rain jacket on the trip.

Still raining when I left work a few minutes ago, so I put on the jacket and absentmindedly stuck my hand in the pocket, Something was in there. Pulled it out, and it was a ticket stub from Baum Stadium. Feb. 21, 2010, against Ball State, the Sunday game of the season opening series. Don’t remember a thing about the game, so I looked it up. We won 9-3.

That was the year we made the super regional at Tempe and got Costello’d, I believe.

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That would have been my 51st birthday
I’m sure I celebrated it at the park

I’d like to have those years back!
The memories of the regional
In Tempe come front in center every time I hear that J—k. a-s name

I remember being invited to a birthday celebration for you in the Hog Pen. I’ve no idea what year that was, but it could have been 2010.

Was probably the year before
On my 50th

Yeah, I thought of that after I posted. Whatever, it was a nice afternoon!

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