Blake Parker

Just came into the game for to pitch for the Yankees against KC. I walked to the door to let in the puppy and in the meantime he gave up a 3 run homer.

When they introduced him, they said he was from Fayetteville and had played for the Razorbacks.

I can’t seem to remember him ever pitching for the Hogs. He played outfield and caught a little as I recall. Is it a poor memory on my part, or did he become a pitcher after he got into the Cubs organization?


He was not a pitcher for us.

He never pitched at Arkansas, but understood a lot about pithing because of his time as a catcher. That’s why you see a lot of catchers become pitching coaches.

He had struggled as a hitter his first year in the minor leagues. The Cubs loved his arm strength and thought that would translate to the mound. Ironically, he was told he was going to be moved to pitcher on the same day he hit a walk-off home run in a minor league game.