Blake Kern's really bad adventure

To Jerry World. For the record, I really like this guy and am very happy that he is a Razorback. I think he came here as a walkon and has worked his tail off and outperformed a much more highly recruited player or 3 at his position. I don’t know where we would be without him at TE. That being said, Yikes! What a really bad game for him on Saturday. Don’t know if it was all the distractions of Jerry World, biortyhms , nerves, or what. Hopefully he got it out of his system and returns to being a reliable dude at Tight End. And where O where is Hudson Henry?

Where indeed is HH? Is he like many highly recruited players that maxed out in high school?

Henry is a guy that has stayed hurt quite a bit and it’s not a very physical blocker.I really thought he was going to be a huge weapon catching the ball down the field so far that is not even close to what’s happened. We really miss having a tight end that can stretch the feel like oGrady was a couple of years ago

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I think there is a big talent and depth upgrade in the pipeline with the two true freshmen from Parkview, (one who is trying to get healthy and the other learning the position) and this year’s recruiting class.

The interesting thing will be whether we go shopping in the transfer portal for some immediate help. Even if Henry makes a jump the rest of this year and in the off-season, having a depth chart dominated by even talented freshmen may not be acceptable to the staff.

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Blake = Roberto Duran - hands of stone

Yes we have very good talent coming up but they will be very young obviously we probably need to go to the transfer portal and pick us up a bona fide tight end if we can get one.

The biggest shortcoming on our team. I cannot understand how the existing coaching staff has allowed this to occur, especially with the benefits of transfer portal and the pandemic.

I’m just going to say this like it is. To this point, Henry has not met the expectations of fans and media hypsters when he was signed.

Now, that doesn’t mean he can’t “have the light turn on” and be “that guy” the next 2 years…who knows? It’s happened for a lot of 3rd and 4th year guys.

But sometimes, it never does. You don’t hit line drives in every at bat, and every “top recruit” doesn’t necessarily pan out.

But like I said, there’s still time for that to change.

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Kern just had a bad day from what I saw; however, I’d like to see an analysis of how well (or not) he blocked. Most of the time, all we see of a TE is when he gets a pass - which is a small % of all that position does. Blocking is key.

Did anyone see any missed blocks attributed to Kern? I don’t recall any.


I do! They filled the need on DL that’s was a glaring weakness last season.
3 to be exact.

I like the choice the staff made brining those guys on board!
As long as Kern can block and while he had stone hands last weekend he Igor come out this weekend and catch everything that heads his way!


Can you imagine how potent we would be if we had an O’Grady, Billy? Good Lord!

Would make this offense really really hard to stop because you would have to account for the middle of the field.

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I think he also had a costly penalty or two on Saturday.

Not sure I agree that it came down to a choice between, do we use a scholly for a TE or another DL, but maybe it did. Still, our “offensive” TE play has been abysmal this season, during the easy part of our schedule. Does not bode well for the next 8 or 9.

I think he just had a bad day & we’re gonna need his blocking this weekend. It’s too late now, but I wonder if he might have been better suited for OT, ala Jason Peters.

TE, as barren as the room was a year ago, was behind the DL room for transfers.

I have wondered about Austin Cantrell, now a police officer, who “retired” with a year of eligibility left. He would be a brilliant TE in this offense. Those type players do not grow on trees.

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Blake Kern

2020: 20 catches for 201 yards, 2 TDs and a long catch of 35.

2021: 4 catches for 43 yards

Saturday : 3 targets, 3 drops, 0 catches.

Obviously a tough day for him in the pass department, and did have hands of stone on Saturday, but that has most certainly not been the case the previous 13 games.

He was very solid blocking and has been so far this season as he been since he has started ti seew

Hudson Henry has been hurt, is hurt and thus has not been able to get on the field enough.

You are CJ’s girlfriend would have let him play. :grinning:

Of course this staff wouldn’t have put up with some of that stuff and would likely have straighten him out.

Yes it has! There may not be a fix to using the TE to help on the passing game this season. It will be up and down. I just hope the TE’s can make the simple catch and block without drawing flags!

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??? I am definitely not CJ’s girlfriend, lol. I was, however, pretty close to his dad. Absolutely loved Larry Marks. Wish CJ would’ve had a chance to play for Sam.